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Colleen’s Story (Breast Cancer)


It began in August of 2013. My faithful pup kept coming and pushing on my right breast, night after night, until one night I got mad, pushed her aside, looked at my husband and said, “Am I dying and I don’t know it!?” Yes, I was, and she had pinpointed …

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Monica’s Story (Breast Cancer)


Hi, I’m Monica, and this is my story. I found a pea-sized lump under my left arm when I was 34 years old. I had no family history of cancer and had never had any health problems. When I found the lump, I went in for a mammogram. They saw …

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Amanda’s Story (Cervical, Breast, and Vulvar Cancer)


Hi, my name is Amanda and this is my story. In June of 2017 at 35-years-old , I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In June 2017 I had complete genetic testing which came back clear. I have no genetic markers for any type of cancer. However, my grandfather had breast …

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Sophie’s Story (Cervical Cancer)

In January 2018, I attended my pap smear. In February, I was brought in to my local hospital for further testing due to ‘abnormal cells’ found on my smear. A further visual inspection of my cervix was carried out and biopsies were taken from inside my womb. Two MRI scans …

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Devon’s Story (Breast Cancer)


Hi, I’m Devon. I’m 38 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer , er+, Pr+ and her2+, in April 2018. I found my lump myself after experiencing pain on my left side on April 6. I was sent for my first mammogram and an ultra sound on April 13. …

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Jessica’s Story (Breast Cancer)


In December 2017, I went to the hairdresser, actually a new one. I was talking to him about my hair thinning, and he asked if I had my thyroid checked. Long story short, it prompted me to schedule a visit with my Primary Care Physician. I ended up seeing her …

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Diane Greco’s Story (Chronic Pancreatitis)


Hello,  my name is Diane Greco. I am the mother of four young adults, a nurse and a military Mom. I was raised Catholic near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since I was a child,  I’ve had several issues that were diagnosed and associated with nausea, stomach pain and fainting spells. After four …

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Tammy’s Story (Breast cancer)


Hello, My name is Tammy is this my second battle with cancer. In March of 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. I  did 18 rounds of chemotherapy; finishing my last round in October 2016. During that journey, I learned I was BRCA1 positive. Doctors tried to convince …

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Chantelle’s Story (Breast Cancer)


At 28 years old, I found a lump on my breast. It was a week after we celebrated my son’s 1st birthday. I wasn’t even thinking that it could be cancer, but still, I decided to have it checked out. My doctor did a biopsy, then called me into his …

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Charity’s Story (Breast Cancer)


Hello, my name is Charity Ghert, and I am 45-years-old. I have two children and two grandchildren. I have no other family members; my parents passed away when I was only 13-years-old. My mother died of breast cancer at 38. I, myself, was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive  breast cancer. …

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Raelene’s Story (Endometriosis)


Women who suffer with endometriosis largely suffer in silence. After all, we are women. We have to do it all, wear every hat, and tackle every situation with dignity and grace. Never whine, never complain, always be strong for our families. Having endometriosis destroys all hope of accomplishing this stereotype. …

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Maia’s Story (JIA, AS, RA, EDS, AMPS…)


This is Maia’s story, told by her mother, Lauren. Maia was an IVF baby, and I was pregnant with twins and lost one at 11 weeks and five days. Maia was perfect, but I was so sick through my whole pregnancy that she came into this world 9 weeks early. …

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Shannon’s Story (Myelofibrosis)


I think my MPN story started in 2015, during my deployment to Afghanistan. Half-way through I began feeling incredibly tired and unable to finish my workouts, which was really unusual for me. I tried to push myself through thinking it was likely depression because of my surroundings. When I finally …

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Kate’s Story (Breast Cancer)


I was originally diagnosed five years ago at the age of 37 with what was thought to be stage 1 breast cancer. In the month that passed from my MRI to my double mastectomy, it had exploded to stage 3 grade 3 with 11/21 lymph nodes and all 4 sentinel …

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Hannah’s Story (Multiple Sclerosis)


Hi there! My name is Hannah. I am 16, and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (Relapsing Remitting) on February 15, 2018. January 22nd was the day I first realized something was wrong. I had just gone on a run the day before, and waking up that morning was terrifying. …

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