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Baylee’s Story (Cerebral Palsy, Optic Nerve Atrophy)


Let’s face it. Life is hard. It is full of uncertainty, difficulty, discomfort, adversity, and sorrows. Sometimes daily events are too much to handle. People get tired, focus on failures, consume themselves with negativity, and are too anxious to function properly. Some internalize their struggles, pretend that they do not …

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Roselee’s Story (Terminal Bowel Cancer)


It was January 2013. It was a long weekend in Australia, while most Aussies were having BBQs and playing back yard cricket; I was being admitted into the local hospital with severe abdominal pain. Once the doctor felt confident that I wasn’t a junkie needing a fix, he gave me …

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Julie’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Julie Breast Cancer

Hi! I went thru a heart wrenching divorce after 33-years of marriage in October 2015. Soon after, I noticed my right breast looked funny and had a hard large lump in it(it was always lumpy!) I made an appointment and had a mammogram in April 2016. Six months after my …

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Isabel’s Story (Breast Cancer)


“I’m sorry Miss Morales, it’s cancer.” After five years of diligent annual mammograms and ultrasounds, these six words were uttered on October 27, 2017. A lumpectomy in 2012 revealed benign results but more importantly, also caused extreme scar tissue. Combined with dense breasts, these two factors hid a 7cm tumor …

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Carol’s Story (Cervical)

2016 was the most challenging year of my life. Although life has tested me many times before, this test I never thought I could win. In October 2016, I became very sick. My breathing was giving me issues, but I ignored the signs and continued on with life. In January …

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Carmen’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Hi my name is Carmen Salunas Garcia and this is my story, journey through breast cancer. After a shower one evening, I did my self exam as I often have for many years. I felt a very tiny pea-like lump. At time I really thought it was nothing. I had …

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Shannon’s Story (Head,Neck Carcinoma)


It was 1993. I woke up one morning in April and found a lump in my neck. It was on the right side, just under my jawline. My doctor told me it was probably a cyst and he’d just “cut it out”. I, intuitively, however opted for an ear, nose …

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Candice’s Story (Wilms Tumor)


Hi everyone, I’m Candice and I would like to inspire you with my story. When I was 2 and half years old, doctors discovered I had Wilms tumor cancer. I was sent to Cape Town Red cross hospital. There, I was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had my kidney …

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Brigitte’s Story (Endometrial cancer)

Brigittes Story Endometrial Cancer

I’m 65 yrs old.  I’ve never had children, broken bones or any previous health issues or surgeries. I began experiencing heavy bleeding early in 2017. I had PAP test done in May 2017 that came back Negative. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer  in May after biopsy results. …

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Rowena’s Story (Ovarian Cancer)

Rowenas Ovarian Cancer Story

I was sick and didn’t want to admit it, but by the time I went to the doctor I was already at stage three. I was rushed in for a hysterectomy, followed by seven months of chemo plus external and internal radiation. I also went through several cat scans and …

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Kelly’s Story (Rheumatoid Disease)

Kelly RA Story

I came home from work one morning and my index finger hurt like hell, didn’t think much about it I get banged up all the time. I’m a paramedic for a busy 911 service and I work 24-hour shifts. I’m also a wife, mother of three young adults, and grandmother …

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Wendi’s Story (Colon Cancer)

Wendi Colon Cancer

In 2011, after 20+ years of marriage, I finally had the courage to leave a man I no longer recognized. I won’t get into the issues – suffice to say, you can NOT control anyone but yourself and all the prayers in the world sometimes aren’t answered in the way …

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