So, What’s So Special About Green Tea?

Green tea for thousands of years has been one of China’s best-kept secrets to good health. This simple, unassuming drink contains lots of immune system boosting antioxidants. According to Web MD, green tea contains eight to ten times the antioxidants as your average fruit or vegetable. That’s an amazing bonus …

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Are You at Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

Signs and Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is not the most common cancer in women, but it’s one of the most deadly. The reason ovarian cancer tops the list of most lethal cancers is because it’s usually not diagnosed until it has spread outside the ovaries where it can’t be easily treated. The key to …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cancer Kid Gifts

Do you know a child with cancer?  Are you wondering what kind of gift to give them?  As one who was on the receiving end for quite some time, I’m hoping to give a little insight on giving get-well gifts.  There are do’s and don’ts- some are quite obvious, while …

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