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Inspiration on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is dedicated towards raising cancer awareness, as well as encouraging prevention, detection and treatment. There are so many aspects of a cancer journey that are so personal and vary person to person, but cancer itself is a common bond for many.

Below is a poem from Cancer is our Common Bond by Greg Kern, providing inspiration for all cancer warriors.

“The Message” by Greg Kern:hope

We stood with backs against the wall
But rising up the meek stood tall
We vowed to get the message out
And pass it on to one and all

From early dawn to setting sun
We promised to never turn and run
To fight bravely on through thick and thin
And we slept well when the day was done

All the day and through the night
Our passionate dream never far from sigh
Relentlessly we carried on
To do what in our hearts seemed right

We refused to walk in fear
Clinging tightly to those held dear
Our message must be heard by all
Let no one turn a deafened ear

Determined now to make a stand
Our strength renewed by holding hands
We would not lie down to rest
But spread the word throughout the land

The feeling sensed was something new
It seemed we were the chosen few
To reach the people far and wide
There’s more of us than anybody knew

One by one they tagged along
Our numbers grew to millions strong
We knew then we were not alone
Our voices raised in triumphant song

We called on what was left inside
And drank form pools of tears we cried
And with our increasing numbered force
We managed now to turn the tied

The sky grew dark, the hour late
Yet even in our weakened state
As most every family had been touched
The words of the message just couldn’t wait

We challenged everyone we met
To live their lives but not forget
We had to get the message out
That cancer ain’t seen nothin’ yet


Please keep in mind that you are not alone and your fellow warriors are with you in this fight and all of us here at Fight Like a Girl are cheering you on each and every day.

What is a message about cancer that you would like to share with others?

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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