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Kelli’s Story (Fibromyalgia)

Kelli's Story (Fibromyalgia)  My name is Kelli. I am 17 years old and I am a junior in high school. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in April 2010. It was blessing as well as a curse. A blessing in the sort that I knew what was wrong with me. A curse in the fact that I know what lies ahead of me. I have been told many times the pain is in my head and I can control how I feel, by doctors, family, friends, etc. I only go to school on half days and sometimes I struggle to do that. I have good days and bad days. Mostly bad days, it seems here lately. I found this Fight Like a Girl Club on Facebook and I have been reading article after article and I have learned so much already. I feel alone in my fight with fibromyalgia, although I have awesome friends and my family to support me – they can only do so much with words. Being 17, I get looked at extremely funny when I tell people what my disease is. I am known as the ‘sickly’ girl at school and now around my family, too. I really hope I find people on this website to help me in this struggle and show me how to truly Fight Like a Girl!

North Carolina
Submitted 4-8-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Tiffany

    Kelli, I’m 38, mom of 4 – who has had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I’m on facebook all of the time. Tiffany Renae Bruce Beard. You can probably find me on the Fight Like A Girl page. I work full time and it is hard. Just listen to what your body tells you – try to do the best you can, and keep your chin up!!



  3. cindy

    Kelli – I am in my late 50s and I have been battling this since my late teens. They first told me it was rheumatoid arthritis and treated me with NSAIDs for 10 years which tore up my stomach and esophagus something terrible, but never touched the pain. I was finally properly diagnosed about 15 years ago, and have since discovered what helps ME the most. Remember, each person reacts differently, so evaluate each suggestion from others and stick with what works for YOU! For me, massage is the most beneficial. It took a long time to build up my tolerance to being touched, but it really helped me get control of the constant pain, so please find a really good massage therapist in your area – preferably one with experience in fibro – and allow enough time to see if the massage will help your body to cope. It takes a long time to teach your soft tissue how to respond, so please be patient. Another thing I do is try to watch my diet and my exertion. Stress makes it much worse as well. You are welcome to contact me whenever you want – I’ll be glad to listen if nothing else. Good luck to you – you CAN win this fight!

    • Sherry

      Stress does indeed make it so much worse! Even good things, like your grandchildren visiting can set off a flare up! It helps to have someone to listen to that doesn’t think you’re crazy!

  4. DIane

    Kelli, I am 48, mom of 2 and soon to be grandma. Have you tried cybalta. I have had great sucess with it in the past. They now prescribe it to manage chronic pain. Just do what you can and if you need someone to talk to I’m available to talk. 518-883-5732. I live in Upstate New York and I have the most trouble with the change of weather in rain and snow.

  5. Sherry

    I was just diagnosed with fibro too. I am 51. I got sick of dr’s telling me that it was either depression or menopause or just nerves. My body has failed me and I have to “get tough” with myself and force myself to do what I can do. I have good days and bad days. I appreciate the good days because the bad ones outnumber the good ones. The main thing is to keep pushing forward. Rest when you can and don’t give up! Take care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Find a good support system outside the family that can understand what you’re going thru. Maybe a hospital led fibromyalgia group. Your family will be your strongest support but they can’t know how you FEEL. I just found this website myself, so good luck and God bless!

  6. Felicia Fibro

    I was 19 when I was diagnosed, so I relate to a lot of the things you wrote. Now I’m 29. The first few years after the diagnosis are the hardest. Are you on Twitter? I’d love to connect with you on there. We have a huge group of #spoonie people there who all help support each other.

  7. Jo LittleWolfe

    Hi Miss. Kelli,
    My name is Jo LittleWolfe, you can find me on facebook under that name or through the FLAG Club page. Although I am 37 I have had Fibro since I was in my early 20s. Mine was actually caused by all the vacines I was given in the Army. I completely get how frustrating it is to be told repeatedly that “it’s all in your head” or that “you could feel fine if you wanted to”. I had to fight for 6yrs to get someone to hear me. All I can say is keep talking and reaching out. We are all here and we get what you feel. It sucks.

  8. Kelli

    Thank you guys so much! I’ve learned so much since I posted this back in April. You guys are so amazing! Much love to you all! <3

  9. Kelli

    Thank you guys so much! I’ve learned so much since I posted this back in April and found a family of people just like me on Twitter and on online blogs. You guys are so sweet and I am so grateful for all your support! Much love to all of you!!! <3

  10. Alicia

    My name is Alicia Leone Weber (that’s how you can find me on fb if you want) I live in NC too, and am here if you need someone who understands. I am 19 and have FM as well as several other lifelong diseases/illnesses/whatever you want to call them. I know how hard it is to have doctors, ER staff, friends, and family members think you are making it up, or that it is in your head. I know what it’s like to miss out on so much and have to grow up faster than everyone else, learning to handle situations that people under the age of 40 should never even have to think of. It’s been a year since your diagnosis, from now on I hope you make the best out of your situation, I know I am still learning and trying to do the same! If you (or anyone who reads this actually) need someone to talk to who knows what you’re going through, feel free to contact me. 🙂 Lots of prayers~ Alicia

  11. Susie

    Little Cub, you are amazing and never forget that. You have given this mama bear so much love and support. I will always be here for you. Just text me or even call me if you need to talk. I love you bunches, Little Cub! Lots of love and hugs from mama bear! XOXO <3<3

  12. melissa

    you are not alone trust me i found out 22 but prior the doctors would not listen 2 me had a very bad pregnancy on bed rest she was well worth it):but i tried school work and juggling new baby but it got 2 me bad so i finally got answers and i was told diet work out swim and there meds ok for awhile but i have more bad days than good but i try 2 stay positive push 4 my daughter so she dont see im in so much pain(:honestly i felt alone not normal and down im use 2 being super woman helping everyone else not 2 mention all doc app effected alot of other healyh issues including my thyroid and juggling diabetes and ect so i try to put it in gods hands hope one day they will find a cure older i get worse it is and i try to figure out why me yes it is a blessing 2 know i have it not crazy but yet a curse and if u need 2 talk im here wish i would of found this sooner felt good 2 let it out and c ppl like me can relate

  13. Shannon

    As you know from Twitter, Kelli, I am here (online) every day for chats and support. Every single day. Love ya bunches and bunches sweetie! You know you aren’t alone! *hugs* #Fibrosisters

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