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If you are battling (or have battled) cancer or another disease and have a passionate desire to raise awareness for it, keep reading!  The Fight Like a Girl Power Blog has several causes that do not currently have writers. If your cause is one of them and you would like to represent it as a Fight Like A Girl Power Team writer, we would love to hear from you. Please note that we have a significant amount of interest in writing for us, so if you are not chosen, there is a high likelihood that we have already filled the position for that cause. Once we have a writer for all of the causes, we will consider adding additional writers, depending on level of interest/readers for that cause.

NOTE: If you are presently unable to commit to a regular writing position with Fight Like a Girl OR if you have applied to become a Power Team member and are waiting for an available position, we would encourage you to submit a Guest Article. For more information on Guest Writing, please Click Here.

Write For The Fight Like A Girl Club

The following outlines the requirements to be a Fight Like A Girl Power Team writer, the responsibilities, and the benefits:


  • You must be battling (or have battled) the cause that you will be writing about
  • You must be passionate about advocating awareness for your cause
  • It is highly recommended, and you will be given special consideration, if you have an already established, successful blog, website, or other social media venue for advocating awareness for your cause


  • Write a minimum of 1 article per month on the topic of your cause to be published on the Fight Like A Girl website
  • Reply to comments, if applicable, left on your articles
  • Strongly encouraged to Tweet and Share On Facebook your newly published articles
  • Strongly encouraged to participate in the Fight Like A Girl’s Power Discussion Forum for your causeWrite For The Fight Like A Girl Club

What you get:

  • Most important benefit:  Satisfaction of knowing that you are helping hundreds, even thousands, of other women going through what you are going through (or have gone through)
  • Links to your website, blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook pages placed on the same page(s) of your articles
  • A FREE Fight Like A Girl Club t-shirt after your 6th article is published
  • Your picture in a cool, one-of-a-kind frame on our Meet The Power Team page!
  • Participation in high-level Club decisions, new Program ideas, Club events, and more
  • Our free Fight Like A Girl Club membership kit (if you haven’t already received one) and all of the benefits that come with regular membership
  • First to know of Club announcements

Still interested? Great! Please fill out the form below and submit to us. Please note that, should you be selected, there will be a Power Team Introduction Kit that you will need to fill out before becoming an “official” Power Team member.

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    Cancer Type Or Disease That You Battle, Or Have Battled (required)

    Please tell us why you want to be a FLAGC Power Team member. (required)

    Do you have a Blog and/or Website? If so, please provide url(s).