Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Personal Resource Guide

Looking for extra resources?

Whether you are battling cancer, struggling with mental health, living with a chronic illness, or going through any life adversary, there are resources that can help. Another way we want to help our Fight Like a Girl community is by providing a personal resource guide that can help you with any of your causes. Our personal resource guide consists of two lists; a list of resources that are available across the United States and a list of resources that are broken down by state. Each resource will be linked to an organization’s official website, and a brief description of what the resource pertains to. Resources include online support groups and forums, transportation assistance, personal care items, etc.

If you know of another resource that many people can benefit from, please contact us and submit a resource suggestion here.

Once you have submitted a resource suggestion, our team will do further research into the resource and adding it to our guide(s) where we see fit.

If you are looking for resources offered across the United States, you can check out our Resources Available Across the United States list here.

Please Note: Resources listed are not sponsored or affiliated with Fight Like a Girl unless it is explicitly stated in the description of a particular resource i.e. Fight Notes and Fight Pals. The purpose of our resources lists is to help anyone get started with their personal research into support resources they could benefit from. The content on our resource lists is not recommended or endorsed with any specific opinions or information in mind and does not substitute for any professional healthcare advice.

Most of the resources and organizations listed in this guide are not directly affiliated with Fight Like a Girl and Fight Like a Girl is not responsible for interactions one may have with any of the organizations that are not affiliated. This guide is compiled by our team based on suggestions from our followers.