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Shannon’s Story (Breast cancer)


I was 31 years old (2008) when I found a lump in my right breast.  I didn’t think about the possibility of it  being cancer because breast cancer didn’t run in my family. I went to my gynecologist to get it looked at and he told me that it may …

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Vicki’s Story (Breast Cancer)


My battle began in 2005 with stage 1b breast cancer. At that time I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and 37 rounds of radiation treatment. In late 2011, I tested BRCA 1 positive and had a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction and a hysterectomy. Sixteen years later, I still see my …

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Katharine’s Story (Peritoneal Cancer)


I started to notice weight gain about a year before my diagnosis, which was April 23 2019. I was 42 years old at the time. I was bloated, wasn’t able to defecate, not able to burp or even pass gas, I would also speak and often lose my breath within …

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Christine’s Story (Leukemia)


What did I do wrong? Why does my life always get f****d over? Why is it that all my dreams always fall to pieces? All these thoughts ran rapidly through my head as the glass bottle containing my special dried flowers crashed to the floor of my bedroom. Memories can …

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Shay’s Story (Breast Cancer-Lobular Carcinoma)


Turning 40 usually means planning that special getaway with old friends and making a bucket list for the next decade or so. Well, a few months into being 40, I was actually planning how to survive and live to see my kids go through college. Lobular ‘Sneaky Cancer’ attacked my …

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Aimee’s Story (Breast Cancer)


You know that knowledge that you have from family history of cancer? Mine was due to my grandma passing away from breast cancer and my mother being a breast cancer survivor for 25 years. A cousin passed away from breast and ovarian cancer, and numerous family members either had BARD1 …

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Monique’s Story (Breast Cancer)


In 2010, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC); which included a 12 cm tumor that had gone through to my skin. I was told it would probably spread, and that I most likely had 2-5 years to live. However, as the …

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Kimberly’s Story (Breast Cancer)


Back in December 2011, I lost my cousin from breast cancer. After her life celebration, I rolled over and felt a painful stab and a knot. I went to many places to try to get a mammogram with no luck until I found the Moncreif Cancer Institute in Fort Worth, …

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