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Sharonda’s Story (Lupus)


Lupus affects your kidneys, heart, lungs, joints, skin, weight, gives you severe anemia and fatigue, and some patients even have hair loss. Seems like a lot, huh? Well, it gets worst. They never tell you how these sicknesses affect you MENTALLY more than anything. I’ve been feeling really insecure lately, …

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Gabrielle’s Story (Metastatic Breast Cancer)


It was May of 2010 when I first found a lump in my right breast. My gynecologist scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound to check things out. According to the radiology tech it was just fibrous tissue. Two years later it was larger. Same tests were done, same results …

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Bobbie’s Story (Breast Cancer)


I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31, with no family history on 12-12-12! Within two weeks, I was meeting with Oncologist and Surgeons. I had a bilateral mastectomy on 12-28-12. Then, I started aggressive chemotherapy after a port placement from February to May. Additional treatment included …

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Ivania’s Story (Breast Cancer)


Twelve years ago, my life was apparently “perfect”. I was married to a nice guy, we had good health, we made a good living together, we traveled often, and we had good friends. In 2006, we felt we were ready to start a family, I had a miscarriage in March …

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Cindy’s Story (COPD-Emphysema)


My story started when I had a brain aneurysm almost 25 years ago. My youngest child was just a year old and after my second brain surgery, I realized I needed to start fighting long and hard. I did not know my fight had just started. After many years of …

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Glenda’s Story (Breast cancer.)


Hello, my name is Glenda. My story starts in 2013. My dog found my cancer. One morning I was playing with my dog and she jumped and landed on my left breast. It started burning and itching. I had never felt that sensation. I became worried and decided that I …

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Ryan Marie’s Story (Cervical Cancer)


Hello everyone, in December 2019 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 1b. It all started in September 2019; I took a trip to the ER for a pain on my right side. They did a CT scan and determined I had a cyst on my right ovary. For many …

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