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Kristi’s Story (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis)

In 2014, I was a normal, everyday mother. I have 3 children. One who is grown, Ryan (23), and a now 17-year-old daughter, Marissa, and a 13-year-old Down Syndrome Daughter, Alexa. I was working toward my nursing degree, and I was 3 years into my pre-requisites. I had suffered with agonizing pain for many years, and I was diagnosed with Endometrosis. It was recommended that I have a hysterectomy to fix this problem, so on break, I chose to have my surgery.

On May 4, 2014, it went as planned. Four weeks into my recovery, one morning, I could not move my legs. I was crippled on my bed. I crawled out of my bed to get to the bathroom.

In the coming weeks, no one knew what was happening. Everything started hurting. My bones were excruciating. I suddenly needed a walker and a cane. I was terrified, as I was thinking I would be handicapped for the rest of my life. Suddenly, after weeks of testing, they found my Vitamin D was at level 17. But still, even the prescription didn’t help me.

So, I went to see a rheumatologist, who tested my RA factor. It came back positive. How could this be, I thought? I was then told the grim news that it’s incurable, and I had an aggressive form. I would need chemo, and all this stuff was thrown at me. Learning to walk again took months, and on top of that, my mother had a heart attack in December.

I took a permanent leave from school to not only help me, but more importantly, be there for my mother. I took care of her full time, trying to maintain composure while feeling like I was losing it all. Ultimately, I lost my mother on December 15, 2015.

I can now walk, but I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I’m on many meds, and contently monitoring my pain levels is a daily battle, but I don’t need that walker anymore. I believe what happened to me is rare. I’m a fighter, and I will never quit!!! God bless us all.

Submitted 04/19/2018

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Dana

    Way to Fight Like a Girl, Kristi! You give me hope!

    • Kristi

      Thank you Pam, your equally inspiring!!! Xo

    • Kristi

      Thank You Dana … I pray my story helps inspire someone who suffers with this horrific disease. Not to feel that itsctge end of the world. Ive lost friends and i dont want to see more go.

  2. Pamela Schifano

    Keep up the fight, thank you for sharing your story xo

  3. Pamela Schifano

    Keep up the fight and thank you for sharing your story xo

  4. Grey

    Kristi, while I would never wish my illnesses on anyone else, it helps to know that I’m not alone in my fight. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me know that if you can do it, so can I! <3

    • Kristi

      You are certainly NOT alone!!! Everyday is a challange for me. My daughter who is 13 with Down Syndrome is very hands on and much work. So my pain is “in my way” and causes me to feel very self defeating feelings emotionally. So not only do we all here stugge physically but emotionally. Its impotant to know that babying ourselves is important. “Selfcare” Try not to let negative thoughts consume you. You are still valuable and so important. Xo

  5. Brigitte Estelle

    Dear Kristi,
    My condolences for your mother ‘s passing.?

    You are certainly a positive lady and a strong optimistic fighter !!
    You might have Fibromyalgia but know one thing and one important thing…
    ….” It “ does not have you!!

    Have Great Moments!!

    With love from Canada,
    Brigitte Estelle xx

  6. Kristi

    Hi Bridgette,
    Thank you so much for your very kind, encouraging words. My Mother was truly my rock and her loss was and is devastating to us all. With Rhumatoid Athritis and Fibromyalgia im fighting back hard. I will win. I owe it to my kids and my Mother to not give up. Thank you again. I pray as hard as it is I can inspire someone to keep going. Xo

    • Brigitte Estelle–psoriatic-arthritis-chronic-fatigue-syndrome.jpg

      Your Will, Strength, and encouragement is showing us all, but most importantly … YOU?
      With love from Canada,
      Brigitte Estelle

      • Brigitte Estelle

        Look at that nice poem I left you

        • Kristi

          Dearest Brigitte,
          Thank you so very much for this poem. You have no idea how much that meant. Today i had major surgery. So another bounce back is in order. Even when i feel week i picture myself in a boxing ring and i have to get up before being called OUT. Somedays we all want to lay here. Thats ok. We have to rest. But its fightable for sure. Baby steps. I lost 2 best friends to suicide to RA and i cant give into that. Mentally, i am wearing a soldier uniform. We are each others Angels. Im proof that through incredible adversity and unbearble pain we can do this.

  7. Brigitte Estelle

    How was your surgery? You ok? Need a talk?

    • Kristi

      Hi Bridgette,

      Im back up and on my feet!! Wow!! My Doctor found not one hole in my stomach but 2. Requiring 20 stitches with barbs ( A Patch ) to fix it. Ive been side lined so long and mis diagnosed. However, thanks be to our great God it was found and im feeling stronger than ever. I refused pain meds after 1 week and i will say this was indeed the WORST pain ive EVER been through. Or even surgery. That says alot. Now i feel like i can get through anything. My non speaking Down Syndrome Daughter just said her first word too…. It was HOPE!! Can you believe it??? How incredible. Certainly video taped and not scripted because i thought she was saying help lol. How are you Bridgitte?

  8. Brigitte Estelle


    This message has … The love of Life…The Want to Love…The need to Live… The Fight to Survive…The self confidence…The Courage to share with us all… The Trust to Reach out to us for our encouragement…

    But most importantly,
    this message shows us that with time and prayers and patience…

    Have Great Moments Kristi!!
    With love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle
    Your daughter sounds amazing !

  9. Kristi

    Much love and God Bless to you all who fight everyday!!! Please never give up HOPE!! My daughters first word at 13 was HOPE!! That says everything! Xo

  10. Brigitte Estelle

    Hard, Determination, Encouraging Work
    Only for the believers
    Pay attention to your innerpeace
    Everything is gonna be alright!
    With Love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle,xx

    • Brigitte Estelle

      Hahaha kristi supposed to spell H

  11. Brigitte Estelle

    How are you Kristi?
    Have not texte since June. Hope all is well and has your daughter spoke anymore?
    With Love from Canada ?? ,
    Brigitte Estelle xx

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