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Social Media and its Effect on Chronic Illness!

People question me all the time as to why I love Twitter so much.  To them it seems like a huge waste of time, as they would rather cultivate their relationships in person.  As much as I love my in-person relationships, there is something magical about finding your own place in the world (especially if you are a rare breed!).

I am a huge fan of social media, and this is a fairly new development.  I have been keeping my own blog for about two years now, which has allowed me to dip my toes into an Internet full of people suffering with the same illnesses as myself (Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).  As time went on, more and more people were reading and commenting on my blog, and giving me fantastic ideas regarding how to live in a world of pain, in addition to making me feel less alone in the world.

I was promoting my blog through Facebook when I decided to dip my feet into Twitter in the hopes of further exposure.  I started and I’ve never been able to stop!

I’ve met hundreds of friends on Twitter, simply by using the hashtags of #fibro #mecfs and #spoonie.  It turned into a family that I cannot live without.  I love my own family with all my heart, but I can’t get the same level of understanding that I can with people afflicted by similar disorders and diseases.  These people reassure me that I am not crazy.  We share our symptoms and we share our sympathy and love.  Any time I go on Twitter, there is someone in my extended family with whom to have a conversation.  When you have insomnia, this is a particularly big perk.

I highly recommend that ALL people who are partially or fully housebound with ANY illness to join twitter and find their family.  It gives you hope to carry onwards and upwards.  It lets you see individuals worse off than yourself.  My perspective changed greatly when I found my other family, and it feels great.  I could not return to my previous way of life after being exposed to this world.

Now, I get to be part of the family at Fight Like A Girl Club.  It grows everyday, and I love all of the people here. We have to stick together.

What helps you feel more accepted in the world?  Do you use Twitter and social media tools?



This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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