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Listen to Music While You Exercise

It’s all too easy for exercise to become monotonous—taking the same route through your neighborhood on your nightly walk, staring at the same photo on the wall in front of your treadmill each morning, or watching the same perky instructor on an exercise DVD every day is enough to make anyone bored.

Some people feel that varying their routine frequently helps them stick with an exercise plan, but listening to music is also a great way to help stay motivated. It also helps take your mind off the fact that you’re exercising! Most gyms play fast, upbeat music over the stereo system to keep people energized while they work out, but choosing your own exercise playlist that’s comprised of your favorite songs might encourage you to push yourself a little further.Break Out Your iPod or CD Player
I listen to my iPod as I walk or attempt to jog, but even before technology was advanced enough to give us the ability to purchase and download songs from the internet in a matter of seconds. Years ago, I had a CD-player walkman. Music has always been a major factor of my exercise routine.I tend to create playlists of 10 or 15 songs that I love, and my favorite music helps me “keep at it” even if I’d much rather hang out on the couch. I usually start and end my playlists with a few songs that are relatively slow because I know that I should warm up and cool down while I exercise.

Dancing is Exercise, Too!
If you have a video game console such as the Wii or Xbox, you may want to check out a dance video game. I love to play Dance Dance Revolution with my Wii, and my daughter has even started jumping around on the dance mat with me because it’s so much fun.

Dance classes are also rising in popularity at gyms and rec centers—Zumba is a popular exercise program based on a Latin dance, and the huge success of TV shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have helped millions of people realize that dancing to music is exercise.

Even if your exercise routine is limited to slow walking or simple stretching because of a medical condition, listening to music can help soothe you and give you the desire to continue.


This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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