Sunday, June 4, 2023


Inspiration I often think that I am being selfish when I have a “woe is me” day. I do acknowledge that I am entitled to them because while what happens to me may not be as severe as what happens to the guy next to me, it IS still happening to me and it is big and important. However, I look at the kids suffering from cancer on the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital commercials. They are so sick, and yet they have smiles on their faces and even though they are trapped within the confines of the hospital, and their disease, they still are able to find the simple joys of laughing, playing with toys and the comfort of their families. Their spiritual resilience is amazing and awe inspiring to say the least.

I look at our soldiers who come home wounded, having lost limbs but not their spirit and drive for a better quality of life. I am astounded. To have lost your leg and still run a marathon, for someone else’s charity no less! I even saw one amazing soldier who plays golf even though he lost both legs and an arm. To be able to dig deep enough, to let go of what you once were and embrace who you are now…

I am truly humbled by these people. They really put it into perspective for me. I struggle with who I was and who I am now. For the most part I do well but there are times when I stop and think “What the heck did I do to deserve this?” But then I reel myself back in, I stop looking at the negative and start looking at my blessings. I am blessed with an amazing Husband, fabulous Mother and wonderful dogs. I hate having EDS & RSD but because of these diseases I have met the most AMAZING and awe inspiring people. I have learned a lot about other people and myself through being sick, lessons that I would not have come by had I been “normal”. I have a fabulous support system whenever I need it and I am part of that support system for others whenever they need it (this is my nod to 7 very special people!).

I am so blessed to have this life that I have. It is not perfect, it’s neither what I envisioned nor what I would have planned for myself but that’s ok. I may get down at times, and that is fair as long as when I am down I remember the phrase “you can only go up from here”. I will work hard to fight my way back up, for myself, my family, my friends and my fans.

My blog question for all of you is:
WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU? When you are in your darkest hour where do you pull your inspiration from?

Thank you for your patience & your anticipated forgiveness!
I wish you all good health & pain free days!

Peace & Paw Prints!
Power Team Writer

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  1. Joe

    My inspiration comes from my 8 year old with EDS, Jeremy. He has gone through and goes through so much everyday and has nothing but more bad things to look forward to in the future. But he’s always smiling and making the best of every minute. When I’m sick or hurt, he want’s to stay home from school to take care of me. He has donated his money that he makes for helping me at work to earthquake victims. He thinks of others, not just himself. Maybe I did something right? Or maybe it’s just his disability making him a better person in other areas? Either way, HE is my inspiration.

    • Dani

      Joe, he is AMAZING and I have told you dozens of times how inspiring that kid is to me! Every picture you post of him, he has a big smile or silly goofy grin! He emits such a bright light and a positive energy through photos I can only imagine how powerful his impact is in person. He is a wonderful kid who looks to the positive side of life even though he has had such a rough road. He is an awesome kid and its because he has such an awesome Dad! XOXO

  2. Sharon

    Dani, My inspiration would have to be my daughter Selena….that girl has been thru quite a life and lives with her EDS, also. She has her down times, but manages to shrug it off and move on. What a girl! Thinking of EDS is a scary proposition in regards to ANYONE that has it, but when it’s your own child, it becomes horrific. You have to put yourself in a frame of mind to accept what you can not change and cherish the things that you can. Inspiration is also my friends and extended family(daughters) 🙂 You girls have health issues that are beyond my imagination, but you keep on going…fighting those issues and continuing on day to day! I am so proud of you, you girls are amazing!!! Down days? We all have them, they are perfectly normal and expected. Can’t be “up” and “positive” all the time…that would be very strange 🙂

  3. Naya

    Hey Dani, i understand how you feel getting down at times. I’ve been having depression swings lately. It sucks. But then i read about people like who, who have a far worse case of EDS than i do. Its amazing how positive you can be. So honestly, i can see you as inspiration. (:

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