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Survivor Stories & Information

Fight Like a Girl’s collection of Power Stories are written and shared by real women who have overcome cancer or who are still battling their health adversary every day. The cancer stories found here are a source of empowerment and education, teaching women key signs and symptoms of the many different forms of cancer as well as how to take care of oneself throughout the treatment process. Survivor stories are equally powerful, written by women who now advocate for others still in the fight against a form of cancer or other detrimental illness.

Read the inspirational cancer stories below to find the support you need in your battle, or the final push to share your story with us. Immerse yourself in our community of warriors and join in — we can’t wait to meet and celebrate you.

Judy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

In 2005, after a routine mammogram, I was found to have Stage 1 breast cancer of the right breast. My surgeon found 3 tumors when performing a lumpectomy. Even though no lymph nodes were involved, the margins were not clean, and she strongly suggested chemo, which I did. After chemo, …

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Laura’s Story (Endometriosis)

Hi, my name is Laura. My endometriosis journey started when I was eleven years old. The day started out normal. It was Thanksgiving, and I had been spending time with my grandparents, mother and brother. When we got back to the house, I felt like something was wrong. So I …

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Cory’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I am a breast cancer survivor who just celebrated my second year anniversary of being cancer free. My story is not short, but definitely worth the read, and I promise you will smile in the end–PROMISE! So, here is my story: For as long as I can remember, I have …

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Ebony’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I dated BRCA1 breast cancer long enough for it to treat me horribly and to be scarred by the whole experience. But I broke up with cancer slowly. I started hanging out with chemo–the red devil–and eventually radiation. Luckily, I came out on top, minus a few parts. I understood …

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