Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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About Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl Fight Like A Girl Club Support Group

Fight Like a Girl is a cause brand. Our global support organization is committed to providing a welcoming place where women can come together to share personal stories, experiences, encouragement, and hope; a place to feel less alone and to become empowered and informed through supportive articles, important health information, inspirational quotes, and helpful tips and ideas. Whether battling cancer or another life-altering illness, a serious injury, addiction, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health disorder, or a societal issue such as sexual harassment or inequality, we embrace and encourage women to rise above those challenges by uncovering – then claiming – the Power that has been within us all along.

Our Fight Like a Girl brand product line funds all services provided by Fight Like a Girl and Fight Like a Girl Club as well as our 501(c)(3) non-profit, Fight Like a Girl Foundation, and its free programs and services.

to embrace, encourage, and empower women to rise above life’s challenges and adversities, take back their Power, and ultimately become the highest possible version of themselves.

that through sharing and connecting with one another, becoming informed and educated, and realizing our inherent worth, each of us will discover and claim the Power that is already within us.  Through cultivating and bringing together all of our ‘individual’ Power, we will create a ‘collective’ Power that, through united efforts, group involvement, shared purpose, and sheer positive energy, will produce a significant contribution to making the world a little brighter because we chose courage instead of fear, hope instead of despair, and light instead of darkness.


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