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So, What’s So Special About Green Tea?

Is Green Tea Healthy?

Green tea for thousands of years has been one of China’s best-kept secrets to good health. This simple, unassuming drink contains lots of immune system boosting antioxidants.

According to Web MD, green tea contains eight to ten times the antioxidants as your average fruit or vegetable. That’s an amazing bonus from something made in a few moments and that you can drink in just a few seconds. Of course, savoring your tea is perfectly fine too.

Green tea contains several types of antioxidants. Some of the most important found in green tea are falconoid, mostly made up of catechins, thearubigins, and epicatechins. These antioxidants are shown to protect cells from free radicals, which can cause cancer and certain types of heart disease.

Simply drinking two or three cups a day helps protect your heart. Some experts even recommend drinking up to ten cups a day of this stuff. Luckily, one can’t overdose on it.

Iced green tea makes a refreshing drink after a hard workout. Plus, it’s cheap and can be mixed with other ingredients for flavor. Some of the most common mix-ins are ginger, lemon, honey and mint.

Certain studies have shown topical application of green tea in a lotion can prevent sun damage which, as most of us know, can lead to skin cancer. Other studies have indicated benefits such as higher metabolism, weight loss and detoxification.

Next time you get thirsty, don’t reach for a soda. Instead, brew a pot of your favorite green tea. This tea is most effective when brewed with not quite boiling water and allowed to steep for two to three minutes. Brew for a longer period and the drink becomes bitter. Higher quality green teas have smoother flavors. One excellent tea is a combination of green tea and white tea. It’s extra smooth and is a very pale tea. Experiment with some brands until you find one that suits you best.

Even drinking decaffeinated green teas offers benefits. The decaffeination process doesn’t damage those essential flavonoids, so drink up.


This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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