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Survivor Stories & Information

Fight Like a Girl’s collection of Power Stories are written and shared by real women who have overcome cancer or who are still battling their health adversary every day. The cancer stories found here are a source of empowerment and education, teaching women key signs and symptoms of the many different forms of cancer as well as how to take care of oneself throughout the treatment process. Survivor stories are equally powerful, written by women who now advocate for others still in the fight against a form of cancer or other detrimental illness.

Read the inspirational cancer stories below to find the support you need in your battle, or the final push to share your story with us. Immerse yourself in our community of warriors and join in — we can’t wait to meet and celebrate you.

Megan’s Story (Endometriosis)

My name is Megan. I am a writer/published author from St. Joseph, Missouri, and I have endometriosis. I have been battling this since I was 14 years old, and every month, it is a constant roller coaster of relief and pain. Recently, my husband and I have been trying to …

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Brie’s Story (Endometriosis)

I remember my first period. How could I not? The majority of my day was spent right next to the toilet in withering pain, with cold sweats and vomiting. This went on for around 2 years. I was experiencing terrible pains every month and, not only when I was on …

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Lyn’s Story (Endometriosis)

In light of March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, I wanted to share my experiences. I have struggled with painful periods and heavy bleeding since I started menstruating at age 12. Now, almost 31, I have developed a very high tolerance for pain. It was about a year and a half …

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Jessie’s Story (Endometriosis)

Hi, I’m Jessie, and I’m 31 years old. Since my period started at 11 years old, I’ve had cramping to the point of being doubled over in pain, fevers, missing school, and the list goes on. I started having cysts at around 16 that would rupture, and that is when I …

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Haley’s Story (Endometriosis)

Hi, my name is Haley, and I am 21 years old. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year, and I consider myself pretty lucky to have been diagnosed fairly soon after my symptoms started. I was only wrongly diagnosed for a few months before my gyno figured out what was …

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Hollie’s Story (Endometriosis)

I have suffered singe age 9 and still do. I’ve been through countless treatments and surgeries from this disease. I have gone through several doctors in the past that accused me of exaggerating or gave me a misdiagnosis. Growing up with endometrioisis was difficult. I couldn’t always attend P.E., play sports, …

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