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Churee’s Story (Breast Cancer)

ChureeAt 27, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, BRCA gene, HER2-positive, Stage 2. So I went through 8 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and 35 rounds of radiation, a double radical mastectomy, 2 reconstruction surgeries, and a total hysterectomy in a year and a half’s time. Every doctor assured me it wasn’t cancer, but we kept pushing until we found an answer, and when we did, it was a major shock to all of us.

For seven years, I was cancer free. After I made the 5 year mark, I thought I was good to go. But after a revision breast surgery, I contracted a staph infection and was admitted to the hospital for 15 days, where they found cancer in my right lung. After many pokes, 2 breast surgeries and Talc powder in my lung, I finally went home to my family.

Nine months later, after many trips to the ER and severe pain, I was told I had liver cancer. Back to chemotherapy and more doctor appointments for the next year and a half. Only to find out 6 months later, I had it in my right femur, so we would start with a chemotherapy shot for the bone.

After many months of finally feeling like I was gonna be okay, I started having nausea and headaches, so I had a brain MRI, only to find out there was a tumor on the left side. So I had spot radiation, and it was gone. I was so relieved, since that was one of the cancers I was most terrified of having. I was pushing forward now to live life to the fullest with my family and friends. I was so happy.

My liver was giving me so much pain, I ended up having the Y90 procedure, and it killed 10 tumors in the liver, leaving 3 very, very small ones. I once again was feeling great. All the news was coming back good. A re-check of the brain was clear, lung and bone cancer were stable. I was feeling so positive, only to be knocked back down again with a tumor on the right side of the brain now. Once again, I had spot radiation, and as of my last checkup a week ago, it’s clear.

I just had a check-up a few weeks ago for the liver cancer, and it’s back again and a little more aggressive than before. But I’m on a new chemotherapy pill and really using essential oils now. My faith and positivity will keep me going.|

You would think after hearing seven times that you have cancer, I would be numb, but I always just think, “OK, WE GOT THIS!!” I have moments of tears and anger, but I wipe those away because those aren’t what is gonna get me through this fight. It is my attitude to get up and show up to keep rolling on this journey.

I believe prayers and positive attitude help me keep this journey up. I don’t know what my purpose is yet, but I won’t give up on finding it, and if I can tell my story to make someone keep the belief up, then I will tell it every day if I need to. Have a blessed day and much love to all.

United States
Submitted 03/21/2017

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Ruth Rowlett

    You are such an inspiring woman. Thank you for sharing your story.


    Wow! I don’t think I have ever heard another story about cancer that is as intense as yours. I commend you on remaining steadfast and mostly positive in your journey toward being cured. I hope my comment finds you doing well and thriving.

  3. Barb

    I know Churee personally and I have so say…she is THE most inspirational woman I have ever met! I’ve known her for about 6 years now, and didn’t even know she had cancer for the first few weeks. She doesn’t complain or let people know she is in pain. She continues to be positive no matter what she is going through! I admire her and pray for her daily! Love you Churee!!!

  4. Joy

    Love this lady very much! She is such an inspiration to so many people, I know she doesn’t realize how many she has touched with her upbeat positive attitude. She is a social butterfly and a ray of SUNSHINE! Love you bunches Ree!

  5. Auntie Rita

    I’m Churee’s great Aunt and she is my inspiration and my hero. She was my mentor when I got the news “You have breast cancer” I was diagnosed about 2 years after her. She told me what to expect and I listen. I was so lucky to have her help me get through it even though she had her own battle to face. Love you and will praying for you and your family! Keep Fighting Like A Girl!!

  6. Susan

    I said a prayer for you this morning Churee. May this day that you wake up to be one of strength and joy. Blessings to you.

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