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Cheyenne’s Story (Kidney Disease)

Cheyennes-story-kidney-diseaseI went into the ER with 2% kidney function which means I was practically a zombie.

I barely walked, ate, even breathed at this point. My body was failing me, but had I failed my body by not going to the ER sooner?

It’s been a long and difficult journey, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I’m a 22 year old that had to put my entire life on hold because of this disease. Now I live daily with the help of dialysis(life support) and I endure a lot of symptoms of kidney disease.

The only way I can live an “almost” normal life is if I get a transplant. Here the wait list for me is 13 Years.

Because of this, I post about my need for a kidney while also spreading awareness for the disease.

In the beginning I was hopeless and felt that I didn’t contribute to the world, but as time went by, I learned and grew. I’ve gotten to know myself better and realized that it all takes time and I do contribute even if it’s just a tiny bit.

I possess a positive outlook because I know I don’t have total control over my situation, so I try to make the best of it. I’m not going to just sit still and wait till I get a transplant to have “perfect” moments.

I’m going to do the most I can to be happy in each present moment while still taking into consideration my physical limitations and illness.

I hope that others out there in my position can feel the same because it’s no way to live if you let your illness create a dark cloud over your life. Do things that make you happy no matter how big or small.

Submitted 07/09/2018

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  1. A severe case of strep throat caused me to go into kidney failure. Before i could be eligible for a transplant, i needed to lose a lot of weight. While on dialysis, i was approved for gastric bypass surgery, and two months later i received a kidney from a donor I met through (meetorgandonor123@gmail.com),I have never felt so alive before now after the transplant.

  2. i would like to donate my kidney to you. if you are willing feel free to get in touch with me

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