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Cause: Breast Cancer

Angie’s Story (Breast Cancer)

My journey started in April 2015 at 41 years old with a diagnosis of IDC Breast Cancer Stage IIB, Est +, & BRCA 2 POSITIVE. I had zero symptoms, just a cautious doctor. My grandma, God bless her, fought and beat breast cancer twice. I never realized what she went …

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Gerie’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Hi, my breast cancer story began in March 2015, just before my 60th birthday, with an abnormal finding on my routine annual mammogram. Three days later, I was having an ultrasound. The radiologist could see something, but suggested I return in 3 months for a follow-up ultrasound to see if …

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Amy’s Story (Breast Cancer)

On January 2, 2015, I had a routine mammogram. The following Monday, I was called back for a repeat mammogram/sonogram, which I did that Wednesday. That Friday, I met with the best breast surgeon in Queens, who sent me for a biopsy on Monday, January 12th. On January 15th, I …

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Nina’s Story (Breast Cancer)

I went for my first mammogram in July 2010, and surprise, I needed a diagnostic mammogram, which they did right then and there. The diagnostic mammogram showed a sizable mass, but it couldn’t be felt. The radiologist had time and did an ultrasound guided biopsy. My husband had been diagnosed …

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Kris-Ellen’s Story (Breast Cancer)

On April 3, 2013, my life changed forever. My worst fear was confirmed. I had stage 2 breast cancer. It was a long eight months. I had surgery, followed by eight rounds of chemo and finally 33 radiation treatments. On November 27, 2013, I was cancer free! I’m thankful for all …

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