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Tasha’s Story (Thyroid Cancer)

Tasha's Story (Thyroid Cancer)Tasha’s Story: ‘My Friend Has Cancer’

A few months ago my DIL (daughter-in-law) told me that she had a lump on her throat and had been concerned about it for a while. She hadn’t told anyone because she didn’t want to cause any unnecessary worry. When the word “lump” left her mouth and was received into my ears it caused my eyes to almost pop out of my head and my heart to race. The only words my brain could construct were, “what’s the matter with you??! You need to tell your husband and make an appointment to see the doctor A.S.A.P.!!!” She agreed and a week later she saw the doctor.

The days went by slowly as we waited for the results. The doctor finally called letting her know that they would need to run another test since there was definitely a mass on her thyroid. This particular procedure would require expressing liquid from the mass with a needle…six times.

Within the week we were at the facility with our nerves in a bunch. When they called her name she and her husband, my son Johnny, stood up like brave little soldiers and marched through “that” door. You know, the door that only those whose names have been called may pass through. The rest of us remained seated, watching our loved ones disappear behind the shutting door. We leaned as far over as we could continuing to watch for as long as possible as they walked away. When they emerged from behind the door she had a small bruise on her neck in the thyroid area, which was sore. This small bruise turned into a large bruise resembling a hickey. She kept a positive attitude and at times liked to show-it-off in public just to see people’s reactions.

As the days went by we began to settle into our regular routines. A few days later, as my hubby (we call him Papa) and I were settling down for the evening, our front door swung open and in walked Johnny and Tasha. We were very surprised and happy to see them but I notice that Johnny looked like he had been crying. I looked over at Tasha and here eyes seemed worn like she had cried as well. I didn’t want to ask about it because I figured the stress was just getting the best of them. Johnny and Papa were doing a little small talk when Tasha shot a glare in Johnny’s direction. Now I knew that their visit wasn’t casual.

Johnny started off by saying that they had some bad news. I was not in the least bit prepared for the next words that came from his mouth, “We got the results back from the doctor and Tasha tested positive, she has cancer.” I was stunned, I had no words, it felt like I was in a dream. Papa and the rest of the family then prayed over Tasha. All we could do after that was hug our precious daughter. We hoped the next few days would bring more answers as we waited to see which specialist and hospitals she would need.

After they left I broke down crying. All I could pray was, “Lord, I know you have my family in your hands and you are in control of this situation. My tears Lord, are not because I do not trust you but just a release of my emotions. I love you Lord and I DO trust you.” It was at that moment the Lord spoke to my heart saying that it was okay to cry and that I could rest on his shoulder.

{Side note – Tasha and I are avid watchers of “The Amazing Race.” We have always longed to participate but sometimes life decides differently. Wait for it, my side note will make sense in just a moment.}

He also spoke to my heart saying, “You have always wanted to be on ‘The Amazing Race’. You ARE in a race, the most important race you could ever run. It’s MY race that you and I have been running this whole time. This is just another obstacle in ‘The Race’ where you will need to hold on tight to me.”

That revelation inspired this text to my friend: “We have been down rough roads before and we have survived. Even when we couldn’t see, hear, or feel the Lord, he was most certainly there!! YOU, my amazing race friend, ARE a survivor and in Jesus name you shall have a testimony that will minister to millions!! I love you friend… Let us roll!!”

Several months have past since the day we heard the news of my daughter-in-laws cancer. I am VERY happy to say that she has kept a positive attitude. Many people are amazed at her zeal and love for everything around her. She told me that since she found out about the cancer she has a whole new look on life. The material things that seemed important at one time are no longer important. She said, “The Lord is teaching me to be content in all things.”

Sometimes though the battle can get to be quite a challenge. It’s a fight to get out of bed, get dressed, and breathe. Yes, breathe. Because of the location of the cancer she at times has difficulty catching her breath. The battle gets a little more challenging when random comments are made by random people who mean well. Comments like, “Thyroid cancer? It’s no big deal, people get it all the time.” Or, “You look and sound fine. It must not be that big of a deal.” And the winning comment that left us speechless, “I once knew a person who had cancer, they died.” I could go on and on but I would rather tell you that even though the battle has difficult moments, my friend continually turns to the Lord so that he may renew her strength.

I have wondered throughout my life how people can stay positive in a “bad” situations. I had surgery a few months ago. I could see the fear and concern in my families eyes which caused me to be strong for them. A few weeks after my surgery we found out about Tasha’s cancer and I knew I needed to be strong once again for her and our family. Then one day I broke down crying uncontrollably in front of my DIL. I kept apologizing for not being strong but I just could not get my tears under control. My friend scolding said, “It’s knowing how you feel that helps me be strong. That’s what helps me know I have to keep fighting.” Her words resonated in my heart remembering my own battle. I still don’t know how other people stay positive but I know what works for us. Thank you Lord for the strength to be weak.

Her surgery is scheduled for October 14. I have no doubt that day will be a great day… a victorious day in the Lord! She is surrounded by family and friends that love her dearly which the Lord uses to lift her countenance as she, her husband, and us (mom & dad-in-law) finish this leg of the race… The Amazing Race of Life.

Submitted 10/05/2013

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Heather

    That’s qute a story. You will be fine. Disregard all the negative comments and keep your family code to you as it is quite clear you are LOVED LOTS!!!!!

  2. Joy

    I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2005, one month after losing my Mother to liver cancer. It was an extremely difficult time and, unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of support at that time. I was divorced, with 4 children, and my Mother was gone.

    I learned that less than 2% of all cancers involve the thyroid, but that it is becoming more common. This in no way makes it any less frightening or less difficult. Many people assume that it is an “easy” cancer because it is not treated with weeks of chemotherapy and hair loss is rare. Nevertheless, there are many effects to our bodies and the suffering is real and can be debilitating.

    In my case, it was stage 2 and my entire thyroid was removed. I was treated with radioactive iodine and I am kept medically hypo-thyroid to discourage any residual cancer cells from becoming active. I am always exhausted and just getting out of bed in the morning can be a challenge. Don’t let anyone tell you that thyroid cancer is easy and no big deal. It changes your life forever.

    God bless you all and keep you strong. Best wishes to your daughter-in-law and your family!

  3. Shannon

    It does absolutely change your life forever. I had my thyroid removed January 29th of this year, its a process. I wrote my story this past month on here to raise awareness.

    My suggestion is regardless of how much family and friends are there for her for support, no one truly understands unless you have been thru it so she should reach out to support groups. I’m on multiple ones on facebook they helped me through the process and also they can pair her up with someone with the exact thyroid cancer to help her through the process.

    You will always hear the negative comments just know your not alone!
    Stay strong, reach out to people, have faith and God bless.

  4. Andy

    Grosse but beautiful

    • Trinket Robinson

      I too have a 3cm mass on my thyroid and am so scared my biopsy is jan 3 I just want to know and get it over with yes the comments are the worst…no big deal…ya ok tell my children that or for that matter me
      lol I don’t sleep I’m always tired and have gained tons of weight I feel like its not real I have survived an
      MI ,A Cardiac Arrest, pulmonary embolisims yes two and a DVT soo I have not lost a fight yet and I don’t
      Plan on losing this one….keep a smile on my face hope in my soul and faith what is ment to be will be

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