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Pamela’s Story (Breast Cancer)

After being in remission for 12 years and having a lumpectomy on left side, chemo and radiation, I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago on right side this time. No choice but to have my breast removed and then go back and remove the left.

While in the hospital, I developed blood clots and an infection. I am recovering and hope to start chemo soon.

During my first battle, my husband and dad died 12 weeks apart from cancer. I am trying hard to be positive.

South Carolina
Submitted 11/07/2017

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  1. Pamela,

    You are doing the best you can. Allow yourself those “boo hoo• days as I liked to call mine. Those days that you feel like curling up in the fetal position and crying for your MUm. You can MOT be positive ALL the time. And you have been dealing with some heavy shite and you are entitled to have days when you don’t feel so positive. Know that you are not alone. My thoughts are with you during this hard time.


  2. Stay strong sister. Keep fighting you can do this. We are all in this together.

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