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Nicole’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Stomach Cancer)

Nicole's Story (Stomach Cancer) LRHi, my name is Nicole. I’m 33 with a loving husband and two wild kids. 😉 This past year, I was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. The only reason they found this was because I had black stool. It only lasted one day, but it was enough to have me concerned. I went to the ER, although this was my only symptom. They confirmed there was blood in my stool and sent me home to see my GI.

I saw him 2 days later. I almost didn’t go to this appointment because the black stool did not happen again, but someone was looking out for me!! The doctor was curious and scheduled an EDG and found a large ‘ulcer’.  He didn’t seem concerned, but he biopsied it. A week later, I got the call to come into the office, and that’s when our lives changed forever!!!

I started chemo within weeks, and two months later my entire stomach was removed! Then, 8 weeks after my surgery, I started chemo again for four more months. I’m praying that 2013 will bring me back my health!! I had my first scan in January, and it showed no evidence of disease. I have another scan at the end of April. I’m PRAYING I receive the same news!

Submitted 4-4-13

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  1. ANITA

    I just read your story and I was so surprised because what happen to you the same happen me.Let me go into details, I woke up one morning felt dizzy and lightheaded, then about hour later I started having the black tarry stools. I called me dr and he said for me to come in, which I did they ran some test and put a tube down my nose thru my throat to my stomach, which showed nothing then I had EDG two days later and they told my I had a massive Ulcer in my Stomach. Dr said he took a biopsy of it and I would know in a couple days they admitted to the hospital thru all this . I had 2 units of Blood because my counts had droped to 7.1. So two days later they came in and told me the shocking news that changed our lives and we had just adopted a 2 years little girls we have had since she was 9 months. May 6, 2013 I had Gastric Stomach Surgery where they removed all my stomach. I started chemo 3 weeks ago in June and now July 15 I started Chemo and Radiation. All this week and then next week I will have 5 weeks of Radiation every day except Saturday and Sunday. The Stomach Cancer I have is rare also and is very aggrestive. I am 61 years old, my dr asked if I have been in Asia because this is where you could pick it up and I told him no, then he ask do you eat raw fisg, spicy foods, smoke and I told him no to all his question and he told me usually a Male would get this and at the age of 72. It was highly usual for a women to get this type of Cancer. I was just so surprise to read your story and mine was the same. Please stay in contact with me. May God keep his healing hands on you also. Oh the surgeon that took out my stomach said he will be checking every 3 months and ordering a pet scan every 3 months also. As this type of cancer can come back within a year. Good luck in your journey!!!

    • Nicole

      Anita please contact me, I would love to be of any help and we have a stomach cancer group on FB that have been extremly helpful!

  2. ANITA

    Sorry about some of the misspelled words. Typing and getting ahead of my self.

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