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Lisa’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Endometriosis)

Lisa's Endometriosis StoryI have had endometriosis since I was a teenager. I was diagnosed at 21 but suffered before then. I tried Birth Control Pills, several different injections, and had three laparoscopy surgeries and to no avail – nothing helped. Finally two years ago when I turned 40 I treated myself to the best birthday present ever, a total Hysterectomy. I have never felt better in my life. I don’t have to worry about having the symptoms and suffering anymore. It was the best thing I could of ever done!

United States
Submitted 4-13-11

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  1. Congratulations, Lisa! I have a strong suspicion you’ll never regret this decision; I haven’t, 13 years after my own. I didn’t have endometriosis, but rather several other problems. One was adenomyosis, and the other was a blocked (by two ovarian cysts) Fallopian tube, which caused a lot of pain for months. Glad to hear this was a positive experience for you, too.

  2. Congrats Lisa! I am glad you are now “free” from your pain! I am not as lucky. I had my total hyst 3 years ago and still have endo & other complications so we’re planning surgery #5 🙁

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