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In The Garden of Thoughts by Dodinsky Book Review

In the Garden of Throughs by Dodinsky Book ReviewDo you sometimes feel disconnected? Like somehow life stuff took over and left you stranded on a baron path in the middle of nowhere? Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself who the person looking back at you is? We’ve all been there. Somewhere along the way we lose touch with what matters, we veer off the path meant for us… we forget where and who we are.

Having Dodinsky’s “In the Garden of Thoughts” on your bookshelf is like having a personal roadmap to help you find your way back ‘home’.  Dodinsky’s soul-soothing quotes have a way of penetrating through all the layers of ego and landing right in the middle of that vaguely familiar but not-often–visited place of calm – the place where meaningful thinking and deep contemplating occurs.  It is here that our mask is gently removed, the ego dissolves, and we are left with the magnificent being that we are.

Although any of us can go to this place, at anytime, it’s often a difficult task to accomplish on our own. With our increasingly hectic lives, sometimes we need something to clear the way. That’s exactly what Dodinsky’s deep words of wisdom, many included in “In the Garden of Thoughts”, do. They tenderly take you by the hand and lead you back to this divine place within. They literally lead you back to yourself.

All of us yearn to feel connected and complete. On some level, we are each searching for ourselves.  It is this common quest that makes “In the Garden of Thoughts” by Dodinsky the ideal gift, not just to yourself, but to practically anyone for any occasion.  With it’s reasonable price and beautiful illustrations as finishing touches, I can’t think of a better way to show you care and genuinely make a difference in someone’s life.

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Review by:
Sandy Ellis
Fight Like a Girl Club

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  1. Kristi Naso

    I look forward to this book for myself and a few other people I know especially my best friend who has been fighting breast cancer & bone cancer for 5 years & is an inspiration to me herself. I think this book would be enlightening to all who reads it.

  2. Julie Peurifoy

    I hsve lost several members of my family to cancer. Most recentlhy my father in law died from b cell lymphocitic cancer. It had reccured 3 times and they said that was rare. Now my Uncle has canver but has chosen to go the homeopathic route. It just seems every time I turn around someone I love is being diognosed with cancer. It breaks my heart as a nurse we have not gotten closer to a cure.

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