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How Boxing Changed My Life

how boxing changed my lifeBoxing changed my life. Before my cancer diagnosis I had many gym memberships. I would walk in and try to fit in by working on machines I had no clue what they did, or running on the treadmill until I couldn’t take it anymore and would leave. It felt like a chore and I simply hated it.

Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through surgery, chemo and radiation, I was left feeling fatigued. One day after taking my son to karate practice, his Karate Master gifted me a two month trial of kickboxing along with the gloves and hand wraps. I was so super excited about this because it was something I always wanted to try, but never pushed myself to do. I always made excuses for why I shouldn’t do it, but then I had no excuses. I had to do it.

It was a lot of fun. I did it for a while and suddenly my anxiety started going through the roof. I was having trouble being around people. Then COVID hit. The studio closed and started to do virtual classes, but it wasn’t the same for me. I felt bad because I really loved it. So in March 2020, I was scrolling on my phone looking for motivation for at home workouts and came across a boxing app. I didn’t have a bag, but was interested and decided to download it.

So, there I was with the program and my gloves. Since I didn’t have a punching bag, I had to shadowbox which takes a lot a discipline. Shadowboxing consists of throwing punches in the air instead of punching a bag. After the first workout I was hooked. The trainers had a great vibe, the classes were super fun, and each coach had a different style. I started my journey doing 1 -2 classes a week.

As a birthday present in July, my husband and kids gave me a punching bag and trackers to keep track of my punches. The trackers really pushed me and have kept me excited for my next class. I am always trying to do better than the last workout. Now, I am working out 6 days a week and I walk/run on the treadmill. This boxing program changed my life. It’s part of my medicine. I feel bad when I miss a day. It is a great way to relieve stress.

It’s super important to find a workout that you love. Boxing has changed my views on fitness. It doesn’t have to be boring. It is great for your mind, body, and soul. You get to take all your built up stress or worry out on the bag. I will go into my gym feeling stressed, and come out with a better mood. I have also experienced more energy from doing these workouts.


What kind of movement motivates you?

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