Saturday, December 10, 2022

Cherry Pie

making cherry pieMy dad loves a good cherry pie. He is particularly fond of the way my mom makes the crust a little light and flaky and the filling a delicious combination of fresh, tart cherries all bubbling with goodness. The smell will fill the kitchen and the anticipation of eating the pie builds as he eats his dinner with a sense of urgency knowing the dessert that will soon follow.

My mom always had a dessert ready for those who cleaned their plate, a real tease especially when the dinner was something like liver or beef heart casserole, neither one a crowd pleaser, but dessert, always was. My dad, like the rest of us desired what was to come enough to eat his dinner and have just enough room for dessert. The infamous cherry pie was served and the facial expressions changed from one of torture to one of heavenly bliss as the pie entered our mouths. The flavors and taste always seemed just a little better than we remembered, and it left a sweet satisfying sensation in your mouth with each bite.

No matter how many pies my mom made, one thing beside the impeccable taste was also true. There was without a doubt, always a cherry pit somewhere in the pie and no matter what, my dad always seemed to get it. How could it be that such a mouthwatering treat could still have a pit waiting for an unsuspecting person to bite down on?cherry pie slice

Funnily enough, there are times when life seems to have few more pits waiting for us than we think is fair. Things can be going so well, nothing can stop you, and then you sink your teeth into a pit; that obstacle that can stop you in your tracks and even cause a little pain or frustration. Pits come in all shapes and sizes; bosses, spouses, children, annoying drivers.

Life is full of pits, some just hurt a little when you bite into them others can break your tooth heart into pieces! Either way it makes a sweet moment not so sweet, but the important thing to remember is the deliciousness that still surrounds you. Amongst the pit, there is always a sweet goodness. So have a second look or a second slice, it will be worth it.

Loved Beyond Measure,


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