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Truly’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Epilepsy)

Truly's Story (Epilepsy)  Hi everybody! My name is Truly. I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2008. I am now 20 years old and I still battle with it. My first episode was the worst feeling. I was on an airplane coming home from visiting my sister in Pennsylvania. I don’t like flying in the first place, so I was extremely nervous. The whole day I was kind of in a fog. I didn’t know what gate I needed to go to or even what seat I was assigned to. I finally got to my assigned seat after going person to person asking where I needed to go. As soon as I was all seated and situated I remember putting my headphones in and the flight attendant telling me I need to wait to turn my ipod on. Then when she walked away I looked out the window to see nothing but grey smoke – it was really just my imagination.

After a long flight of me remembering nothing, I was suddenly being woken up by this strange man whom I had never seen before. He was a Dr. and was asking what my name was and trying to get as much information on me as he could. I couldn’t even remember my own name. Of course I was scared but he told me that I had a seizure. At that point I wasn’t sure what to think. They got me off of that plane asap. I still think back on how scary that moment was for me, but then I always think I could have it so much worse.

I Fight Like A Girl!

Submitted 1-21-12

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