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Tracy’s Fight Like A Girl Story (RSD)

Tracy's Story (RSD)  My story begins in 2001 when I went to the ER for kidney stones. The IV I had did something crazy and I now have reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Since then, I have also been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune hypothyroidism with adrenal fatigue, as well as parry-romberg syndrome. I have started a support group here in Oklahoma for RSD and I am also trying to get a bill passed here to get RSD more recognized so, yes, I am fighting for myself and, for the past four years, I have had to really fight being told that nothing was wrong when the whole time I was hypothyroid and had adrenal glands that were not functioning.  So stand up for yourself and be heard.

The PRS is another whole story. The left side of my face has caved in and is very embarrassing so, on top of being in pain 24/7, my face is ugly. Kids even stare at me and I cannot find a doctor here to help. So I just keep fighting. Along the way I am trusting that I still have the fight in myself.

Submitted 10-12-10

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  1. Ann VanCuren

    Would like to discuss what your doing to get a Bill interduced,I’m trying to do the same.

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