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The Increase of Fibromyalgia/CFS in Young People

Is it just me, or are more and more young people getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS??

Both have been stereotyped for so long as being illnesses that only afflict older people, but as someone who is active on twitter, I’m finding so many teens that are already diagnosed with these problems!

I can relate to this a lot, as I became very sick at the age of 13.

I have no idea why this illness is spreading the way it is, but we need so much more research!  If only we could manage to get out of bed long enough to spread the word! That’s why websites like this are so very important. The Fight Like A Girl Club lets us get these thoughts out there and hopefully more people will read and learn about these illnesses and want to get involved!

There is a Facebook page for young people who are suffering with these illnesses right here:  Young People with Fibromyalgia.

Clearly there is something in terms of genetics or environmental stimuli that are causing Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS to be more prominent in younger and younger ages. I can’t wait for the day when people start to seriously research why this is becoming such a widespread issue.

I am pleased that there are reports coming out that CFS is based on an immune dysfunction instead of psychological issues – as that’s the way I was treated throughout my years. Slowly, but surely, there are going to be discoveries that show that we are indeed very sick individuals.

Until then, I hope that everyone stays strong.  These may be debilitating illnesses, and at a young age, they are completely devastating. Answers are coming. They have to be. I refuse to believe anything to the contrary.

What are your thoughts on the fact that more young people are being diagnosed with these illnesses? Do you believe that it is spreading?



This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. karen

    I think it’s more increased awareness more than anything else. More medical professionals are becoming aware of these illnesses and realizing that they are REAL! I’ve come to determine that I have probably had Fibro since my late teens, early 20’s (I am 39 now) but when I went to the doctor for the pain, I was dismissed because nothing showed up on the Xray or MRI.

  2. Susan

    There are to many people with this dreaded disease now….my doctor tells me I am first generation in my family to of contracted it…….I have constant pain 24/7…..what is causing this? To many young people are now too being effected.I would much rather be the healthy person I was 10 years ago!! I can’t imagine a young person having to have to deal with this…I am 59 years old……I know of several much younger ladies than myself having fibro….. with jobs,familys to raise,and a lot of years left to deal with this……I can understand why the suicide rate is so high with ppl having fibro……..HANG IN THERE…….hopefully someone will come up with a CURE…..or at least something that can control this pain………best wishes to all of you suffering………I am worried about my daughters and grandchildren… not myself.

  3. Lynne

    I started having symptoms when I was 17 years old. That was 38 years ago. I was told by a doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. I was just trying to get attention. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago, but have really never been helped by a medical doctor. I have found a lot of help by experimenting with my diet and by going to alternative medicine practitioners.

  4. Anita

    Hi, I haven’t been diagnosed with Fibro, but I think the pain I’m experiencing might be it. I have had Adrenal Fatigue, chronic anxiety and PTSD and have recently noticed that when I’m having an episode of stress, the symptom list has grown with my age. I am 39 and started having adrenal fatigue issues when I was in my teens due to family abuse. I have been trying a lot of different things and researching about nutrition and stress-reduction. From everything I’ve read, there is such a definite link between all of these conditions with stress and food sensitivities that may develop too and inflammation in the body. I’ve been trying to eat mostly unprocessed foods, reducing my gluten and dairy intake and trying (this is the most difficult part!) to reduce my stress or learn how to manage it better. I’ve seen definite results when I can control these factors and my theory is that people are experiencing greater amounts of stress at younger ages along with poorer diets and less nutritious foods (plus way more toxins in our environment). This all leads to inflammation and over-taxed immune systems. Western medicine doesn’t recognize the effects of stress or nutrition on the adrenal system at all, so we get passed over as hypochondriacs by most doctors. Hopefully, people will be able to begin getting their needs addressed and get back to enjoying life again without struggling each day for what so many others might take for granted.

  5. susanne

    what about GMO food

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