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Terri’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Terri's Story (Breast Cancer)  I have no history of breast cancer in my family but I do have a history of cancer. My aunt died at 19, in the early 80’s from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and around 2003, I lost my cousin, Kwanza, to ovarian cancer at the tender age of 25.

I remember when I found my lump like it was yesterday. I had just done my monthly exam and didn’t feel any changes. Well, I can truly say that it was by the grace of God that I found it when I did. I laid on the couch to watch some TV before heading to bed and my sports bra shifted to an uncomfortable pulling position. Well, I reached to fix it because it was really hurting and bam…..a big golf ball sized knot. I got really scared and ran to my husband upstairs and told him and we tried to locate it while I was standing and we couldn’t. So, I laid down and did the exam how you should do it in the shower and there it was again, in the lower quadrant up under my breast. Anyways, I got it checked and was diagnosed on my mother’s birthday with stage IIB IDC (triple negative).

Chemo didn’t work for me, so I had a radical mastectomy of my left breast. Radiation followed. I was cancer free!!!! Until November 2010 – now I am battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer to the lungs, chest wall, and mammary nodes. I am receiving Gemzar and God is making sure this thing is leaving my body!!! I thank God for his healing grace and mercy….everyday.

I want everone to do their self exams lying down and standing. I would have eventually found mine, but maybe when it was too late….

Submitted 8-04-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. LaQuanda Hart

    GOD STILL HEALS. Stage IV does NOT mean its over.. Speak LIFe. LIFE LiFE LIFe. I’m a believer in the word of God. The bible says the ppl overcame by the power of their testimony..go ahead and speak your TOTAL healing into existence.. I. Knw the tiresome,dark,crying days and nights exist I’ve been there n still hv them but I get myself together and give a “but god praise” because I knw a turnaround for the better is coming. My sister stay in the fight. Stay ENCOURAGE!. Many ppl thank me for being a voice about my disease but I SALUTE you for taking a stand againt your disease. You are awesome and strong. God bless you and your family!

    • Terri

      Thank you for those encouraging words. It’s good to hear when days seem so dark. The Gemzar completely dissolved my chest mass and mammory nodes and my lungs cleared. I had another scan recently, and the news wasn’t good. Mammory nodes and new numerous plural effusions are back. They told me that my options are running out and I better get in a clinical trial ASAP….Carboplatin is my new poison and it’s hard on my body. I’m down for a week and a half afterwards.

      I speak over myself daily and I know who holds my future. This is just a roadblock in my life that will have a glorious testimony at the end…..I just gotta be patient and let God do His miracle in His own time….

      Thank God for His grace and mercy!!! I got cancer, cancer doesn’t have me…..

      • Amber Mc Cue

        May u always have an angel by your side. some 1 there 2 catch u if u fall. encouraging your dreams, inspiring your happiness, holding your hand and helping u through it all.

  2. Susan

    Oh my,,,where do I start? The last year of my life has been out of control. August 2010 I found a small lump while doing my monthly self exam. I immediately went to the Doctor, which started what would be the scariest year of my life. The appt lead to a mammo,,which lead to wait for results. Next i was told it looked suspicious, so I needed a ultrasound,marker, (wait for results). I was sent to a surgeon, a great one that gave comfort in answering alot of questions. I had opted for a lumpectomy instead of the mastectomy. So surgery was scheduled September1st. I was terrified…but knew what I needed to do.
    The surgery actually wasn’t too bad, (outpatient). My biopsy showed cancer had spread to the 1st lymph node, but the next nodes were negative. Stage 2b breast cancer which meant chemo and radiation for me. I started chemo November 1st. I had 4 treatments 3 weeks apart. While receiving my 2nd treatment I suffered a some seizure type episode. Could things get worse? I refused to get weak emotionally. I finished up my treatments without event. Then started the 31 radiation treatments. I did get some pretty severe burning on my breast. I started radiation in November and finished by early December. LADIES….you will lose your hair, appetite, energy, and confidence….but stay strong! Here I sit 1 year later and praise God it is over. I had my repeat mammo and it was clear. Another very scary day. My hair is back..although curlier! Lol. Since I was pre-menopausal I have to get the hormone injections monthly. Not fun, but also do-able. I really don” t think I will every be the same. But I have learned to appreciate things in a different way, and love people a little stronger. My family…especially my husband was amazing. It is a battle, but one you can conquer. HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH..WANT IN TO EVERY SINGLE Appt with confidence and hope. GOD BLESS YOU ALL,.

    • Sherryl

      Wow. Reading Susan’s story mirrored my own!! I was diagnosed in December 2004. It’s now been 7 years and I’m going for my yearly mammogram next month. So far, I’ve been cancer free! Had a breast exam yesterday and the Dr. didn’t find anything. So praying the mammogram is clear also. Every day is a blessing!

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