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LaQuanda’s Story (Endometriosis)

LaQuanda's Story (Endometriosis) Greetings ladies. I am LaQuanda Hart. I am a 29-year-old female from Springfield, SC. I was diagnosed with endometriosis well over 15 years ago. I have tirelessly gone through 9 different procedures due to this rare disease. Believe it or not, after all the procedures and surgeries I have had, the pain is STILL here. I dealt with the excruciating pain for so long that I was at the point of throwing in the towel. It felt like I wasn’t living a normal life as most young ladies do. When I was in High School I spent a week and 2 days out of school a month because of the excruciating pain that I was experiencing. I was at the hospital the entire time getting morphine or dilaudid injections to try and suppress the pain. In my 15 years of dealing with this I have had recurring cancer cells and a hemorrhagic ovary that bled out into my stomach area.

Just recently my urologist told me that the endometriosis had spread to my bladder. I am now suffering back issues that endometriosis may have caused. I will be getting tested for Multiple Sclerosis. Through all of my long dark and painful nights I kept the faith and kept GOD in the midst of what I was going through. I have had a partial hysterectomy as well as a recent surgery on January 14, 2011 and I am still suffering but I believe there is hope.

Though we are told there is no cure I am praying that the Endometriosis Foundation Association will continue their efforts to find a cure for this horrible disease that has no face. It may not seem life-threatening or that serious to many but it is life-threatening and depressing for the ones who suffer with it. Just a few months ago, I was at the point where I felt like I was a worthless young lady and that because of all that I went through and my health issues I would never find true-love or an understanding companion. Others do not know the significance or the impact it has on our lives, but it can cause a great depression that could lead to horrible things. I am now able and willing to be open about my experiences and about how I wanted to end my life because I wasn’t living a normal one.

I will be an advocate for others who suffer. There is hope for all of us who suffer with endometriosis. It is very tiresome for family members who has to be right beside the young lady who suffers through her crisis. I am here to let all young ladies know that it is a disease that makes you feel like dark times will never turn into light but I am a firm believer that help is on the way. What we go through can be a little easier with a supporting family, friends, religious groups, each other, and a prayerful life. I am on a move nationally to let all who suffer know that we will fight on and endure the suffering until Endo has a cure.

South Carolina
Submitted 7-25-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Morgan

    so touching! we are some of the strongest women I know. I love how you brought light to the dark side of this disease. it really can change your life. I feel your pain! keep fighting 🙂

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Morgan, Karen, and all others who has left comments on twitter and facebook and to FLAGC Members God bless you. We have to take a stand for having faith that something great one day will come out of all the pain, suffering,heartaches,tears,dark nights and lonely days. It must end..Believe it or not we are special people. Being where I am now in Christ, I consider myself to be “chosen”(not sayn GOD wants bad things to happen to great ppl but we are used in many ways) to battle this horrible disease that brings on other diseases such as reoccuring cancer cells and a few other things just so that I may be a voice and a beacon of light for another young lady. Within the past three years I joined a support group called The Witness Project. They are a local support group that allows survivors to come together and be a support to each other and go out and encourage other females. In becoming a member of that group, I have learn that the greatest help you can offer another females that is experiencing an illness is ENCOURAGEMENT! KEEP FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL! FIGHT ON MY SISTER! THINGs WILL WORK OUT BECAUSe WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD!

      • Jess

        Never in a million years would I have thought Quanda was battling such turmoil. This young lady is always smiling when I see her. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand. I just want to say that anyone who can push pass their own pain to encourage another, and pull together the little strength you have to be hopeful for one who seems to have lost all hope is not only a fighter; Quanda, you’re also a champion. This disease and its various symptoms may challenge you, but you will overcome!

        • LaQuanda Hart

          Thanks for the uplifting encouragement Jess. Overcomer is a dynamic motiivational term. Thank you.Love you and GOD bless.

  2. Karen

    I am a witness of the suffering and pain a physcial illness can cause. BUT, I also know my GOD can handle it all, He is the Chief Physician. I am so proud of Quanda, my cousin-sister-friend! 🙂 You were created by God for a purpose. TALK LOUD!!! My mother battled ovarian cancer, a horrific disease for over a year. The majority of my sisters and I, because of our medical family history, have all had medical procedures. We are a Voice for ovarian cancer Awareness, and we will help to speak and fight for a cure for this disease as well as ENDOMETRIOSIS.

  3. Yvonne Davis

    Hi Laqunda, I just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I love you in the precious name of Jesus. You are a living testemony for the Lord. You are a brigh tand shining star in Jesus precious name. Remember to keep the faith.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Sister Davis thank you so very much for the kind and heart felt words. Bless you!

  4. sherry crutchfield

    Bless you LaQuanda you are in my prayers! I am 45 years old and been suffering from the same thing since I was 25 yrs old! It is a long battle and we couldnt do it without God. I have a very rare bleeding disorder so I cant have hystorectomy or any kind of surgery. I admire you for sharing what you are and have gone though! Love you girl!

    • LaQuanda Hart

      To GOD be the GLORY for the things he has done. Even in challenging times, excrutiating pains I still have a praise on the inside that I can’t keep to myself. I may be going through but I’m surviving, it may be rough but I’m toughing it out, it seems hard but he shall see fit where I will be able to ease and praise my way through this horrible disease. Don’t give up the fight! You may not be able to have the surgery but one thing I have interpret God has still made it possible for you to endure this battle after these 20+ years. Don’t know about you but I can scream hallejuah right there just for that! I’m honored to have shared my story to bring hope to others as they have given hope to me.Would love to chat with you more..Hope to be coming to a city near you to TALk LOUD!!!! On the horrible disease and bring hope!. Love you back Ms. Sherry Crutchfield

      • Dana

        More people should be Christians like us! I’m 22 and I have this and I really do think a woman’s cycles have to be stopped because that aggravates the disease. I figured this out because in Feb., I had Mirena put in. I haven’t had trouble since!

  5. Heather

    I to was surgically diagnosed with this diease back in 2008 my gyn went in and burned it out it was located in behind my uterus.And to this day i still have the crucial pain i this diease has made me feel like i am not a whole woman or a mother, this diease is terrible thing for any woman or girl to have to go through.My husband has stood by me and my two kids have been a help to me through this i hope and pray one day they will find a cure for this diease along with a cure for cancer.I understand what you have been through with this diease my thoughts, prayers go out to you and your family.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Heather stay strong I understand your pain. The dynamic statement you made in this posting is that you have a supportive husband and loving kids, that will ease the pain tremendously. We will continue to pray for each other. Continue to TRUST GOD. I believe he will expand our expectations only if we believe that we will. FIGHT ON!

  6. Amanda

    I was diagnosed with the disease in 2003 and had to have a complete hysterectomy after surgery didn’t help from the dr burning it out. it came back worse and worse each time. Mine had attached to my bladder and when I had my hysterectomy I had to have my bladder cut away from everything else. It is still painful to this day. And it takes alot away from a woman when she can never have the opportunity to have another child. it is very depressing. I pray that one day there will be a cure for this terrible disease. And also pray for the ones that suffers from it also.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      I can relate completely I have been through it all. It has an effect on my bladder and bowels. Many doctors will quickly say the cure is hysterectomy. You think you are making the right choice by gettning numerous opinions and they are all saying the same thing, well I now know the difference. Its simple. They have no clue on how to properly treat Endometriosis. If not properly treating cancer can become a factor like in my case. Then reocurring cancer cells time after time. Its only a TEMPORARY fix. It can be very depressing. I used to often say that, I have a relative whom I refer to as my peace angel on earth and she reminded me on somethings and cause me to look at life and the situation different. It would bother me to see precious babies and I would become sad because that opportunity I will never have because of someone experimenting. You are bless you have one child love them with everything you have, you have more than others.. keep your head up and stay in the FIGHT. WE ARE CHAMPIONS!

  7. Tammy Sasser

    As i am readinIg this, i feel your pain. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this horrible disease. Most people have no clue and have never heard the word endometriosis. I applaude you for being such a strong woman.
    My daughter is now 17 and a senior in high school. She has been dealing with endometriosis since middle school. Although not to the extent of your case. When she was about 12 years old she developed severe pain in her stomach. We had her tested for everything you can think of… FOR 2 years, my sweet girl cried every month. For days she would be sick with severe stomach pain, she couldnt eat, she had diarrhea. Doctors said she had IBS and acid reflux. At 14 years old, the day after her first day of freshman year, she got sick. I thought maybe it was her nerves. I along with the doctors brushed it off as nerves or anxiety, The doctors put her on two different narcotics to help her she missed the whole first week and half of school. We went back to the doctor at the end of that week because she was not any better, they then thought maybe she needed to go see a gynecologist. He put her on the pill. They did no testing or anything just wanted to try this for 3 months and come back. I was not happy and requested a second opinion. We then went for the second opinion and found an amazing doctor, that recommened we try the birth control, he told us some things it could be but because of her age, he doubted it. We had one month to go before our follow up, the pain started again so we went back to the pediatricians and and saw a third doctor in the and he questioned why a 14 year old was put on two narcotics. He asked alot of questions, i told him what the gynecologist had said and he did not want to wait he wrote an order that Megan needed the exploratory surgery so that endometriosis could be ruled out. So without any other questions they sent us straight over and even though this doctor didnt want to do the surgery because of her age, he did it. After the surgery was over he came out and was shocked! He said that she had it as bad as a 40 year old woman. Relief is not the apprpriate word to use here but i was so happy that finally after over 2 years someone could finally give me a reason that my sweet girl had been in so much pain. Her treatment was 6 months of depo lupron which put her in menapause, then he was able to come off of that and start depo provera. At times she hurts but she has been able to enjoy her life somewhat pain free. As long as the periods do not come back her pain will stay away for the most part. I feel for her when she decides to get married and have children, this will be a very big decision for her to make. This a such a terrible disease.. Any young girl or woman that has to deal with this is a Strong Woman. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time you are having. Thank you for letting me share my story.

    • Shannon

      I feel so sorry for your daughter. I know how she felt. I suffered all of my teen years. I am so glad they caught your daughter’s early. I hope she gets better with time. I am only 33 and I had to have a hystorectomy. I know how hard it is to function on medication and I hated taking it, but at the time it was my only way to function. I wish your daughter well. I am praying that my little girl does not get it.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Believe it or not your daughter and I symptoms started the exact same way. I would miss a week and three days out of school per month and for long time I was misdiagnose. Even when I was diagnose with the disease I now feel it wasn’t treated at the greatest level . I can relate to you finally finding relief when she was accurately diagnosed. Not saying we wanted her to have a sickness but we now can be properly lead in the direction we need to go to be properly treated. I would love to speak with your daughter. I unlike many others, based many decisions on excrutiating pains and other health issues that began to play arole in my life in which endo was a contributing factor can not have children but that doesn’t stop me from loving me and the love for others. Continue to be suupportive to your daughter. As the sufferer its hard being in pain and trying not to show it as much bc you don’t want to be overbearing on your loveones. You seem to be just like my family; whatever it takes to help ease the pain and bring comfort its done. Tell your daughter to continue to FIGHT LIKE A GIRL! I hope to be coming to your town or a city near you to bring HOPe and speak on “ENDO” Thank you for sharing your story wth me we must encourage each other! Smile

  8. Shannon

    I know how you feel. I have suffered with endometriosis for 18 years. The only way for me was to have an hystorectomy. I was told I had this problem until I had my daughter 2 years ago. I wondered for so many years why I had so much pain. I spent so many days and nights in the hospital. I still have problems, but I know now what I have and I just wanted to let you know you are not the only one out there. I wish well in your life and I hope that you find peace and finally that you will be pain free. I hope in the near future that they find a cure for endometriosis and fight it before it destroys anymore lives.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Shannon thank you so much for sharing your experiences with all of us. I know you are enjoying your daughter. I will not have that opportunity to conceive on my own but I will have the opportunity to adopt and love one as my own. God bless

      • Shannon

        God Bless LaQuanda. You are a very strong woman. I know someday you be a great mom. Thank you for being one of the strong women in this world.

      • Veronica F. Williams


  9. Thomasena

    You Fight On Sister, you are a woman of great strength. God assigns different things to us to show his glory and this is what He has given to you.It may seem so wrong and so bad and “why me?” questions you may have asked but I say to you that God has given this to you because he knew you could handle it even before you knew yourself. I can’t begin to think what I would do if it was me but I say to you that God chose the right person for this task it’s a natural experience to reveal God’s Glory. Love you and always praying with you.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Blessings unto you Sis. Thomasena. Thank You, Thank YOu Thank You!. You always have an encouraging word. Everything you said I do believe to be true. I will continue to fight on. We will continue to pray on for for each other. Love you in Jesus Name. *ALL FOR HIS GLORY*

  10. LaDonna Hall

    Quan, the many years I have known you, I never knew!! God has definitely given you high spirits and love and a wonderful family to help and pray you through. Im so proud to see this from one of our very own!!!! I will share your story and many others every chance I get!! You are in my prayers, GOD BLESS!!!

    • LaQuanda

      LaDonna, many people was shock by this dark secret. But it was time that it be brung to the light. It was time I “TALK LOUD” and bring hope believing that my story would be a beacon of light to others in their dark hours of this terrifying disease.. High spirits I try to maintain! The love, support and having a prayerful family help ease the pain. Even in my midnight crisis as I call them I walk with my head held high in love, faith and trust knowing that GOD STILL HEALS and because of him the impossible only boost my determination mode to believe I’Mpossible to do whatever it takes to fight on, bring hope, and help find a cure. Love you and YES share the story. Continous prayers are always needed!

  11. Megan

    Thank you for sharing your story! I have to say as a fellow Endo sister that I really loved the positive energy that you had in your story. In many other articles or stories I see pictures with women hunched over in pain so It was great to see you smiling in your picture. I wish you the best in your journey, and am sending “pain-free thoughts” your way from Atlanta!

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Megan, you are welcome. POSITIVE energy is what keeps me going. If you are already going through something there is no need to add a darker appearance to what is already going on on the inside. I believe in SMILING through all of my tears. I have a relative who I am very close to and i call her my peace angel and I am reminded of what she once says learn to Starve your fears(in this case fearing endo will get the best of me) and feed my faith(believing I will get the best of it) Thank you for your words of motivation, it means alot. it will never go unnotice. Even as I go on my journey to speak on this its the support from you and many others who keeps me going. As my motto is Come what may(Endo) you cant harm me bc GOD HAS HIS HANDS ON ME!!! Bless you. Hmm I will soon be in the Atlanta area. or facebook LaQuanda Hart would love to hear more from you

  12. traci case

    LaQuanda, thank u for putting your story out there. I felt as though I was reading My life bio & can say it makes me feel less Alone. I’m so sorry to hear your suffering but know not alone all the way to back pain & being tested for MS. Keep on fighting its our only chance!:) God is w/us, I do wonder many days, y me? But I know he must have a good reason.

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Traci, you are welcome. My focus is to “TALK LOUD” about this horrible disease that has affected my life and many others. REMEMBER YOU DEFINATELY ARE NOT ALONE. My battles are horrific but its nothing me, my god through prayers and faith and self-motivation can not handle along with supportive family.What motivates me is that when I am always going through my experiences and how I handle them always encourage others it gives a little extra push. You said one of the greatest things: GOD IS WITH US!!!!!!! Guess what it is ok to ask why me? There is a good reason. Even in the excrutiating pains and the sometime depressing days and the questions of why, how and when i can say i feel privilege that GOD has chosen women like us to ENDURE this pain. that may sound harsh but I am believer of a statement my relative preached on she said you have to learn to starve your fears and feed your faith and know that in all those tears we shed something GOOD is coming from them. In our days of ENDO trouble just take comfort in knowing that there is a female out there who we are encouraging simply by us FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL. I know we are making a difference, there was over 1,600 people who read my story that was publish through this website and if that many read it online imagine the lives we can touch through our daily living. Please feel free to contact me or if you are on facebook I am LaQuanda Hart. I leave you with my motto: Come what may(ENDO) HE HAS HIS HANDS ON ME. Continuous blessings upon you. Smile

  13. Laverne Newton

    I am so sorry your going though this terrible ordeal but your not alone Gods got your back in your darkess hour always get your faith. You are a true testament of strength stay strong I believe in you and your quest to make other women aware is remarkable. God Bless Love

    • LaQuanda Hart

      Laverne thank you for such encouraging words. It means so much. Bless you

  14. Nessa

    I too felt as if you’ve read my mind. I am 33 years old and feel as if I’m racing against time. I also suffer from endometriosis, reaccuring cancer cells which i’ve been told by my doctors that I should get a full hystorectomy. I have been hospitalized several times with in this year alone. The reason that I will not get a hystorectomy is because I want a family of my own. It is heartbreaking when your loved ones find it hard to except. Sometimes, just as yourself I felt moments of throwing in the towel. Having endometriosis has givin me a sense of hope yet I’m always feeling depressed. As if nobody believes me. At times i feel like screaming, or praying and just keep praying and hope for God to take this pain away:'(. I just wish my love would understand what I go through daily. At times I feel like giving up and crying. But that seems to make everthing worst. Sometimes I wonder why God is making me suffer? I am so glad I found this link on having endo. I don’t feel like I’m alone anymore. I just wish and pray daily that one day a cure will be found for this unbearable illiness which some of us face. It not only takes a toll on yourself but also your loved ones. So again thank you
    Stay Blessed

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