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Penny’s Story (Breast Cancer)

My annual November mammo showed nothing. In December, we moved halfway across the U.S., away from our kids and our families, for employment. In February, while unpacking, I hit myself with a box and later felt a lump. Thinking it was a blood clot, I had it checked out. Again, the mammo showed nothing. The ultrasound showed the lump.

It was not early detection breast cancer. The lump was not on the previous three mammos. I chose to have both breasts removed for peace of mind, and so my new perkies will match. The hardest part was telling our two grown kids. I kept a journal, my humor, and a positive attitude and breezed through chemo and radiation.

I donated 25 chemo bags to our local woman’s center in the hospital, and unfortunately, eight have been given out since October. It has been four months since my end of chemo celebration. I still have some side effects, but my energy is back. I have returned to being the ever-ready bunny. I keep going.

Submitted 02/06/2017

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