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One Foot Summer – Self Love and Healing

One Foot Summer‘One foot summer’ might sound a little odd, but for my daughter, that is exactly what the summer had been. Two weeks in, she broke her ankle, had surgery, and sported a pink cast and then a walking boot for the remainder of the summer. We talked about her one foot summer as the summer she had to put down one foot and anticipate the next step.

Her summer plans had to change, and she became a lot more dependent on others to help her…not an easy concept when you’re 17 and like the freedom to do your own thing. She spent a lot of time on the couch with her foot in the air healing, all while she was working on healing on a far more lasting kind, the self-love healing.

You see, she may not have been able to walk very well without the crutches, a scooter, or a wheelchair; but what she could do was surrender and work on healing her mind and her heart. Self-love is some of the hardest work one may ever be asked to do. It forces us to take a real deep look at our inner selves and see our own value and worth. It challenges us to look into the mirror, and say out loud what we love about ourselves everyday.

Self-love means that even though we feel broken or hurt, we still allow ourselves to see the good. There is good in every situation. There is always something positive about the day, the experience, the situation. It might teach a lesson or lead to where we can become a better version of ourselves.

The leg was broken, that could not be changed, but the one footed steps taken next were all part of the healing and plan. Life sometimes sends us obstacles, road blocks, and circumstances that really are not fair, but if we embrace the place we’re at and seek to make the best of it, even a pink cast and crutches can turn into a ‘not-so-bummer’ summer!

Blessed Beyond Measure!

-Jenny R.

Have you had a time where you needed to heal physically but also grew and healed emotionally?

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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