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Natalie’s Fight Like a Girl Story (IBS, Full Rectal Prolapse)

Purple RibbonHi all. Where to begin? I feel I am writing because I am in one word confused. I had abdominal pain and nausea for about six years now (I’m 26). I was diagnosed with IBS after they basically couldn’t come up with any other conclusion after numerous test and people telling me, “It’s all in my head!” Don’t we all love that saying? Ugh!

So I had a colonoscopy about two years ago and mentioned something felt wrong when I had a BM. He said I was fine and he saw nothing. Two years go by, and it turns out that I have a full rectal prolapse and needed surgery a few weeks later. Recovery has been okay (I’m five weeks post-op), but I went for routine gyn appointment where he stated he was almost positive I have endometriosis (symptoms of extreme painful, irregular periods, pain with urinating before period, pain during sex the list goes on).

I feel all this may be connected but is there really anything they can do if I get the surgery to get it diagnosed? I just had surgery, I cant take off anymore time from work. I feel like if I have it and I can deal with it. But I don’t want there to be an underlying cause for all my symptoms together. None of the doctors knew any other case of a 20 something with rectal prolapse. I know this is all over the place! Just want to know if anyone has had a similar situation. Thanks all!

Submitted 06/13/2014

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Nancy

    Hello, I know your post is old but our stories are soooo similar. I am 26 now but four years ago I had a colonoscopy done and I was told I have partial rectal prolapse. I have had extreme pelvic area pain and IBS for about 10 years now. After further testing and documenting of my symptoms my gynecologist also told me that she is pretty certain that I have endometriosis. She told me that if I do the laparoscopy to diagnose endo that it might affect my chances of having children naturally(even though 40% of women with endo are infertile). I do not want to risk messing with my chances of conceiving naturally so we are waiting until I have at least one child before we do the laparoscopy. Somedays the pain of everything combined is so bad that I want to give in and have the lap done but I also think of mine and my partner’s future babies so I have to wait.

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