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Mellissa’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Sarcoma)

Mellissa's Story (Sarcoma)My name is Mellissa Israel. I found out I had cancer at the age of sixteen. I was diagnosed with an aggressive non soft tissue sarcoma tumor in my thigh on September 3, 2009. I found a lump on my leg one day after color guard/band practice. We went to our family doctor the next week and were told not to worry, that it was just a super bruise and that I should ice it and it would go away. Two weeks later and the lump had grown twice the size of when I found it.

My mom decided to take me back to our family doctor who immediately sent us to East Tennessee Children’s hospital. It was there that I had an ultrasound and was told that something was wrong. A week later after many tests and a biopsy I was diagnosed with cancer. At sixteen that is something that was hard for me to process. I had a port placed and began chemotherapy at once. In total I had 88 weeks or a total of 54 rounds of chemotherapy. In May of 2011, two weeks before I graduated high school I had my last chemo treatment. Two months later my MRI showed my tumor was no longer growing. A year later, April of 2012 my port line was removed. I was a survivor.

In December of 2012, I had my every three month MRI. I was feeling fine except for a little pain at the tumor site. On December 18, 2012, a year after being put into remission my MRI showed my tumor was growing again. It was decided that I would leave the children’s hospital and go to MD Anderson. I am now fighting cancer again at the young age of 20. I beat this once, I can do it again. I am so thankful I have a wonderful family and amazing friends to support me through this next battle.

Submitted 6-24-2013

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  1. Angela

    I just read your story, I pray that they find a cure, I just lost my best friend to cancer , she fought a good fight, I believe that she is at peace, I am pray for your recovery, please, please may we find a cure,

    • Angela

      Cancer is something that I think we can cure, it seems that cancer is more prevalent in some areas of the country, my best friend who just left this world, Yvette who lived on long island ny where the cancer rate is very high, it got a hold of her and ravished her whole body, why ? Why did it have to be so angry, it is cruel. Cruel that we can not get a grip on this CANCER. I am sorry for all the familys who lost there loved ones to this CANCER. I hope that a cure will be found it can be done why can’t and, we can try to prevent cancer like many other diseases. Why do we have to lose our people, and soo many people. I pray for every one who’s life has been affected by diseases . I am a nurse and I like many other nurses, doctors, health care workers hope that cancer will one day be no more. I have met alot of people and my family who suffered .I am very sad it is not right nor fair to people of the world FIND A CURE Already!!! Please stop all the suffering. Prevention should equal a cure one day, just speaking my mind.

  2. Jan

    Your eyes are beautiful and are the windows to your soul…..Peace and Love.

  3. Kristin

    You are so beautiful and have the most amazing attitude! My sister has been recently diagnosed with the same cancer, in her thigh as well. we are all devastated, but very hopeful. My God continue to bless you with wonderful family, and quick recovery!

  4. Lisa David

    Such a Motivational story. I would share your story with my college she has lung cancer. I hope she also gets motivated after reading your story.

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