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Magda Claims Her Power! (A Breast Cancer Battle)

This is the true story of my aunt Magda Batista’s battle against breast cancer. As a lupus patient I know how hard battling an illness can be. Magda inspires me to fight my battle with illness everyday with my head held high. Here’s hoping her words inspire a fight within you…

“Ms. Batista; you have breast cancer.”

"I Fight Like A Girl" Against Breast Cancer!

After the shock, my first thoughts were, “Why me? I don’t smoke or drink!”

I had always figured that if I did the right thing, lived the right way that I would escape such horrors. I started to fear death, horrified that I would leave my son without a mother.

However, all was not lost. My family, friends, and faith kept me going when I thought I didn’t have the strength. I began to see life in a different shade of light, even though the doctors didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear I began to change for the better. I started to feel good about myself, and learned one should never take life for granted.

I discovered that people living with illness don’t desire pity. We would like understanding for the battles we are fighting and respect for our commitment to keep on fighting every single day.  I refuse to feel sorry for myself! Instead I spend my time learning how to enjoy each day of life.

I hope that each person that is battling an illness whether it be breast cancer or not never gives up the fight to live. I encourage them to search their soul and discover their strength to keep going even when the going gets tough! Always remember that it is your WILL to live that keeps you alive.

Living with breast cancer has taught me that one should not wait till one falls ill to enjoy  everything life has to offer. I have opened up to my son and together we have become better speakers and stronger listeners. Together we take each day one step at a time. He has taught me to never give up without a good battle. He’s my sunshine on cloudy days, and my “quicker picker upper” in times of sorrow.

To those without illness; I wish them a happy long life free of disease. To those that are sick I wish you perseverance; to always hold on to your hopes and dreams and remember there is a silver lining hidden in every cloud!

We are here because we matter, and as long as we keep living we should enjoy it to the fullest! Never give up and never stop believing that we have a purpose!

Stay Strong, Magda xoxo

*Please feel encouraged to share your thoughts and comments here about Magda’s breast cancer battle. Let’s continue to inspire each other with thoughts of hope and courage!

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Nicole Batista

    Titi gives me strength man. To be myself and to live life the best way I know how. I love her to death man!!! She’s and incredible woman, and always has been. This sickness just brought out what was in her all along.

  2. Tiffany Marie Peterson

    Yes Nicole, She is an incredible woman indeed! I love how she shows the beautiful side of illness!

  3. maria batista

    I love you sis you are the best, I know God has a very special plan for you. You hold a very special place in my heart.

  4. Joana Sanchez

    I love, love, love your inner strength. I love you so much, we have made together this special bond that no one will ever understand but us. I’am overwhelmed and honored to call you my sister from another mother. You are a true fighter but beyond that you are a beautiful special woman and I’am greatly appreciative that I can call you my Aunt. God bless you Magda, may the good Lord continue to bless you with health. The Lord knows what he is doing, he knows that you are an amazing mother and will continue to do so. Love ya!

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