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Life Lessons from the Handy Girl: Introduction

handy girl intro I guess the most important place to start would be at the beginning, although that might make for an exceptionally long and unnecessary story.

My life has been a journey and to understand or comprehend how one path led me to the next is something I am not sure even I can completely understand. I was born in October of 1972, I have six siblings and for as long as I can ever remember I wanted to be exactly like my two older sisters, I tried to be the mom to my four younger brothers, and I dreamed of becoming a teacher, wife, and mom. I wanted nothing more than to help children find their voice; this was actually written in an essay I wrote in 2nd grade.

I graduated from Ohio University with a teaching degree, met the man who was absolutely everything I could have ever dreamed of on a blind date, got my first teaching job, got married, and had four children in the first 5 years of our marriage. I resigned from teaching with the first born and spent the next 12 years home raising our beautiful MESS. Their initials spell MESS and each day I am blessed by the constant messages I discover in the MESS. I returned to teaching when our youngest was in school full time and continued for 11 years until my job was taken away from me.  Leaving teaching forced me into a new unknown and it was quite difficult to adjust. I had always thought that being a teacher was what I was supposed to be, I had no back up career ideas because I never thought I would need one. Until I did. I took a job as a Children’s Ministry Director where I discovered so many new things about myself. I found myself stepping out of my box and viewing life with new perspective and a whole new outlook. All of which was part of the journey that I never could have planned for. It is such an incredible experience to look back at the timeline of my life and see how each event and moment has brought me to exactly where I was supposed to be. Which is how, in the all the uncertainty of life, I found myself as the handy girl working alongside my husband. His business has grown and developed to a place where one handyman was not enough, and he needed more help. I was attempting to juggle my job and help him and at some point, I took a step back and realized that family is my greatest priority. I needed to focus my energy and talents on helping him. So, in August, I resigned my position as Children’s Ministry Director and joined the Everybody Needs Steve crew full time.

Despite all the change, the chaos and noise, the unexpectedness of life, one thing has never changed in me and that is my passion to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to know and accept their true value and worth. I believe that every single life is on this earth for a specific plan and purpose and it is not an accident. We can get so lost in our own hurts and shortcomings, that we lose sight of the millions of small ways that our presence makes a difference in this world.  My life mission is to remind people in whatever way I can of just how important they are. As a mom, I do this for my kids every day. As a teacher, I devoted my days to showing my students how much they mattered. As a Children’s Ministry Director, I was able to spend time with children regularly encouraging them and giving them a space to be heard. When I moved into the role of handy girl, I found my need to encourage and motivate searching for a platform, but not really knowing fully what that looked like. This lack of creativity and using my mind in a way that felt impactful was suffering. One day I decided that the best way to fully embrace my new career and still honor my own gifts was to combine the two. It was in that outside the box moment that Life Lessons from the Handy Girl began. Each day I fill my time with looking for the little, often unnoticed moments that can make impact on someone else. I love every opportunity I have to remind others of just how amazing they are. Humans are incredibly unique creatures that never cease to amaze me. I want everyone to see in themselves the limitless potential that I see in them.

Loved beyond measure,

– Jenny R.

This Week’s Life Lesson:baseboard prying

When removing baseboard, a pry bar is needed to pry it away from the wall. Often, in our attempts to be a friend we find ourselves prying trying to get more information all in an effort to help. Sometimes the best way to be a friend requires no prying at all. It just requires listening and sitting together in the silence. This simple act means more than you know. When it comes to caring…trade in the pry bar for a peaceful and patient presence.

What other approach would you suggest for those that want to help but don’t want to pry?

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.


  1. Kelly Morano

    So proud of you, Jenny!

  2. Randy Reed

    Enjoy reading your life lessons Jennifer.

  3. Linda Lakatosh

    Jennifer so enjoy your inspirational words! Look forward to reading more from you. Best wishes to you and your family!

  4. Michaela Rodriguez

    so proud of you mom!!

  5. Regina C

    You truly are a gift! And I love your mission. Blessed that 2 of my kiddos had the opportunity to be touched by your daily encouragement and positive mindset. 💗

  6. Nancy J Oros

    Jenny, you are amazing, awesome, and unique in every way. I just read your introduction, Yes, I believe God brings us full circle into His plan for us. This I found true in my own life. You have been blessed with so many talents….and finding such different ways to use them to touch so many lives. Your latest sharing of lessons help one to look into the depth of their being. Continue your work with God at your side! Thank you for all you are and doing. Love

  7. Kim Vujaklija

    Great job Jenny! ❤️

  8. Madelon Horvath

    Jenny, wow! I just love your life lessons! I want you to know that your personal light shines through you and your kids and Steve. It’s a real pleasure to know you all. Teaching has lost a treasure but you have found a powerful way to make a difference. Thank you!

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