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Kim’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Ovarian Cancer)

Kim's Story (Breast Cancer) I was diagnosed last December 2012 with stage 3-4 ovarian cancer. In November I started feeling bad, not anything specific just tired and down. Around Thanksgiving I thought I was constipated. I had taken medicine for it and I assumed it hadn’t worked because my abdomen was swelling. I went to the doctor and he said he didn’t think so, he sent me for an X-ray. The X-ray came out clear so he said to take laxatives and check back within a week.

At this point my abdomen was growing daily, and I was getting nervous, so I called the doctors office back. They sent me for a MRI, it showed fluid in the abdomen, so then I went to get an internal and external ultrasound. I decided to go to a gastroenterologist to see if it had something to do with my GI track the same day.  The gastroentrologist wanted me to see an OBGYN and they wanted me to wait for a few days. Well no, I went to the ER in our local hospital and the doctor that I worked for called in a favor or two, and had me admitted in order to have fluid drained from my belly and tested. Well you know how that turned out. I was set up with a GYN oncologist who set me up for surgery a week later. I had a total hysterectomy and a major debulking. I was down for Christmas but family and friends helped out.

I started Carboplatin and Taxol in mid January of 2013 with a trial treatment of a brand new medicine, of course it’s a new study so I’m not sure if I am receiving it, it’s a two year study. My chemo treatments ended in May and I go for this trial treatment every Monday. They asked me to do the BRCA gene test so I did and of course it came out positive. So then I saw a breast surgeon. There is an 85% chance of breast cancer so she suggested a double mastectomy in about 2-3 years due to the trauma this has caused my body and my emotions. I am 40 years old with two of my own children and a few stepchildren who need me around and healthy. There are too many things I need to be here for and by the grace of God I will be! I will fight like a girl to stay on this earth!

New York
Submitted 7-22-2013

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Anne Wailes

    It’s so nice to hear of someone with ovarian cancer who’s doing well.
    I was diagnosed 4 months ago and have just had a debulking operation which went well.
    Start chemo again next week.
    Keep up the fight Kim, God bless you.

  2. Mary Keller

    I’m in the same fight with ovarian cancer. I’ve had the big surgery and chemo also. The chemo worked for a while and then the cancer started growing back. I’m on a new trial using a chemo pill. Going to go have my first CT Scan today to see how it’s working. I’m trusting God for my healing. I pray God’s grace and healing for you too.

    • B.Brandy Hauger

      Mary, Keep your faith and think positive with being your own advocate……stay on top of it….but allow healing and recovery as proper recovery is of the essence. I’m also keeping you and raising you—high in power and strength to get thru this journey.
      Huggs and much Love,

      Brandy—A 4 year survivor in a couple of months.

  3. B.Brandy Hauger

    Hi, I’m a Stage IV Ovarian cancer survivor. Finally, being diagnosed in 2010 at age 56– after 7-8 weeks of several misdiagnosis’. .. on my size 4-6 frame that I was proud of after working out and cardio walking for many years… I purchased maternity tops while watching my painful stomach blot and grow..

    After receiving the news from a Dr. and cat scan at our local ER… I went to a Gynecologist for a CA-125. It was 45. Normal range is 0-35 …I was in shock… Numb and awaiting for my MOSA surgery. The Mother of All Surgeries.

    De-bulking surgery to remove everything I didn’t need to live…including my belly button. I assured my Dr. it was okay….my prayer was…TO LIVE….I was told the surgery could take 12 hours. After 10 hours, plus and 6 weeks of healing — I began my treatments of- 5 months of Chemo Carboplatinum and Taxol. Every 21 days and my Dr. informed me…”very aggressive”…

    My IV drips lasted from 8-10 hours. Aggressive, because I was told I was in good health and my body could take it. It did. It worked, great. My CA-125 blood test dropped to 6. All signs of cancer removed and both tumours, removed. It took time to recover and after 6 months I had my colostomy, reversed. They had to remove 8-9″ of my sigmoid colon as it was involved, being so close to my ovary.

    One year after completing my 5 month chemo–my cancer returned. I completed my 2nd round of 5 months of the same Chemo…in April of 2013. My hair has started to grow curlier than the 1st,chemo treatments but I have hair.

    It will be FOUR years in Spring of 2014, since I self diagnosed a problem. Knowing from the bloating…Something’s wrong.

    I have minimal neuropathy that seems to have worsened-a tad in my feet.. and notice many changes.. but…I’m ok and I’m alive!

    I take each day at a time and I have slowed my pace as multi tasking goes out the door—after Chemo.

    I “enjoy” the serenity of the simpler things in life and I’ SO-grateful.

    Surround yourself with a positive support team and all the “love” you can ” muster” and…….have Faith…

    Blessing To You and remember…You’re beautiful!


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