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Janie Marie’s Story (Endometriosis)

Janie Marie's Fight Like a Girl Story (Endometriosis) LR1I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 20. I’d spent almost 8 years fighting with my parents. The pain I was feeling WAS real. I wasn’t faking the curled up, rolling aroung on the floor type pain. And birth control didn’t help control my pain.

One month after I was diagnosed in June 2011 I had a laparoscopy done. The doc said it was the worst case he’d seen in years and he took plenty of pictures, some of which I was able to keep. He also said I would never be finished with it. I’ve been on lupron depot since October. Sometimes I wanna hang myself. Sometimes I wanna hang my boyfriend. But that’s just the shot talking. He’s been amazing through this all. He goes to all of my doctor’s appointments and reminds me to take my medicines because the shot also makes me very forgetful.

One sticky ovary and two lupron shots later, I am one week and one day away from having another laparascopic procedure done, this time to detach my ovary from my pelvic wall and my colon. I’m nervous as all hell, but I know that I’ll make it through this all. I have amazing friends and amazing family. They’ll help me make it through this. But in the meantime, I cuddle with my stuffed ovary that my best friend got me (it’s in the picture) and pray my heart out that everything will turn out okay.

Janie Marie
Submitted 2-26-12

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. mo

    I hope this next surgery will relieve all your symptoms and pain! Love that stuffed ovary!

  2. Gail

    I was first diagnosed with endometriosis at 22 and have had many surgeries to remove it and subsequent scar tissue. It was developing on my ovaries, my bladder and my bowel. I’ve had also had Lupron therapy. Just recently I found out that I had it growing in my stomach muscle!

  3. Vickie Gibbons

    I started having problems with endometriosis with my first period at 13. My family was supportive because my mom went through it. In her case the Drs perscribed tranquilizers and having more babies. In my case, many Drs would not examine me or try to find out what was wrong because I was under age and not sexually active. I was 34 before they did my hysterectomy. BEST thing they ever did for me. My ovaries were the size of softballs and massive scar tissue. I had a total hysterectomy. I was in so much less pain the day after surgery that I got yelled at by the nurse for not pushing the button on my morphine pump. They set it up so I could self medicate, within limits, to control my pain. They had no clue what I had been going through for the past 20 years. That was 20 years ago.

    I am glad that they have come up with new methods of treatment and wish you luck.

  4. michelle

    janie marie,

    hope everything goes well for u and everything turns out fine.About 5 or 6 yrs.ago my sister found out she had cevical cancer but at first they thought it was indomet, to but it wasnt.Shes a fighter and she fought long and hard and finally had to have a histroectame done.But if she wasnt strong she problely wouldnt had made it through.But u being a girl ur a fighter just because u r a girl and you will beat this eventually… Stay strong and u will get through it,she did and u can tooo…….sincerly

    Michelle Fisher


  5. Alisha Meadows

    I’m 19 now and i did Lupron last year (my senior year) It was awful! The worst decision i ever made!! I’ve been off of it for months now and i’m still weak, moody, and the heat flashes are still awful! I would suggest you not do the entire six months of Lupron!!

  6. Kimberly Cox

    Oh girly I know all to well about how you feel!! You’re definitely a fighter in my eyes!! I have been battling endometriosis since I was about 13 as well…. Now I’m 35! Having had over 15+ laparoscopies, tired every birth control made it seems, Lupron, pain management, as well as having my left tube & ovary removed because it was so entangled but I still continue the fight daily. It definitely has a huge impact on everyday life & it’s very hard for people around you to understand or even fathom the horridness pain that the disease. The only advice I can give to you is to stay strong & keep fighting & never let it get the best of you!! Eventually one day there will be a cure & I will know that I had part of making it happen from the hundreds of trail & errors that I’ve endured over the years….. God Bless <3

  7. Tiana

    I’m also dealing with endometriosis and vaginismus. I wish you the best if luck with your surgery!

  8. traci case

    Janie you are fighting in the only way we can & your story is much like all of ours that found out young. I know how u feel too. Mine started at 12, by 15 there were days I couldn’t move, yet know one believed me . By 16 was diag.stage 4 endo & stage 3 cervical cancer. I was told I would Never have kids & need a hystorectomy by 25. They took most of my cervix & did the lap.& colonoscopy & found it was running wild through me. Needlesss to say I have 2 babies I’ blessed with my pregnancies were hard,high risk bed ridden pregnancies, but I wouldn’t change for anything. I’m 34 now had every treatment out there. Lupron I highly recommend No One do, its side effects are almost worst. My teeth have rotted due to the Lupron. Now at 34 I can’t get insurance & was dropped by the co.I had. It’s not right & we don’t get reconized as having a real unpreventable horrible disease. I pray things get better for you & know your not alone.

  9. Janie Marie

    Hey ladies, thank y’all for your kind words. I had the surgery on March 5, 2012. It went well. I’m doing better. I’ve had a few residual effects from Lupron, but thankfully nothing major. As for the boyfriend, he stopped being so understanding about it, so I left him. Life goes on. I’m a happy girl. Thanks so much for your support and love.

    Janie Marie

  10. B J

    I also had this at age 12 when my periods just began..hysterectomy at age 24 (now age 58) Never had any trouble since… good luck to you with the new methods. After children you should consider surgery so you can have a healthier life.

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