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Brigitte Estelle’s Story (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)

Brigittes Story Non HodgkinsMy sister, Diane Gaudreault, is going through hard times living so far away in New Zealand. She shows so much strength when we call her to keep her closer to us! She is a great sister and an even greater human being to want to have around. She is caring, loves life, and loves animals, especially her dogs which she calls her babies!! I have always looked up to her. She has a way of enjoying life to its fullest. She goes to church, cancer meetings, tries to walk her dogs, anything to improve her days!

25 years ago, glioblastoma took our sister Lyne at the age of 28. And 4 years ago, Julie, our sister, was taken from us by brain cancer. So my sister Diane thrives on wanting to live positive and explore the challenges ahead, but in my heart, I empathize with her. I know she is thinking about our sisters during her treatments, and it must be very scary for her. And yet, the sister that I grew up with, watching her dance away with a smile, I can still hear it in her voice, even so far away, that she loves life! Now that is a Beautiful person! I love you, Diane !

Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault xxxx
Québec, Canada
Submitted 10/21/2014

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Diane Gaudreault

    Thankyou my dear sister of mine love you very much and your the most positive woman I know xxoo

    • Lisa

      Hi Diane..You are a very strong lady and you will beat this..Stay strong and keep the faith!..Keep fighting like a girl!

      • Diane Gaudreault

        Thankyou Lisa

        Much appreciate your support and take care 🙂

  2. Andreea Zinca

    Today I met a woman with a big heart. I met your sister Brigitte. I wish i could have met you too. You seem such a nice person! I wish you a lot of strength… I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be in your situation. I wish I had the money to send your sister to you.

    Be strong !

    Andreea 🙂

    • Diane Gaudreault

      awwwwww thank you Andrea xxoo

    • Diane Gaudreault

      hi me again my facebook is Diane Gaudreault if you wish to add me 🙂

      • Andreea Zinca

        Hello Diane,

        I tried to find you on facebook but there are sooooo many Diane Gaudreault…
        Could you look for me instide? Andreea Zinca

        • Diane Gaudreault

          I have found you and sent you a request , I hope its you ? Is your cover pic with a beach with feets?

  3. francoise desharnais

    .You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can always choose how to react…this is how my niece Diane from New Zealand has chosen to live her life at this present time. She is fighting a cruel cancer … she is on her way of winning. She is that Lucky one to have her mom and her two sisters France and Brigitte that are with her in any possible way ( distance being the major obstacle) Diane, I heard that Brigitte is phoning you often…so glad for she is the positive person with so much of life into her..(.would not want to have her phone bills though ha ha !!! ) Love you Diane , do not quit, believe in your inner strenght, your greatest power. xox xox

    • Diane Gaudreault

      hi matante francoise

      Im glad you found this on here , so much love coming from you and all xxoo i will try my damnest to fight this disease and yes im lucky to have lots of support and brigitte is amazing xx

  4. John Brown

    Always sending you positive vibes whenever I think of you, Diane, great person that you are !
    Your positive attitude is beautiful, and so are you !
    Your brother in law, John B.

    Did you hear about the new corduroy pillows? They’re making headlines everywhere!

    I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

    The midget fortune teller who kills his customers is a small medium at large.

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Hi John

      Thankyou so much for your kind words xxoo

      You should be a comedian loll

  5. Gracia Di Stéfano

    to be a mother of such a brave daughter make me fell so proud, she is and always been a fighter just like all my daughters, you will win this battle, to see you on the Skype everyday is a gift, can’t get enough of you sweetie, we are far but all her friends support her ,and she is a loving person and many friends she has, so Diane I leave you for now, I keep you close to my heart, you are in my prayers LOVE YOU SO XOXOXO

    • Diane Gaudreault


      Im glad we can skype now , it surely helps us to fight this together !!

      Love you maman xxoo


    MERCI !

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Brigitte your FANTASTIC
      muahhh xxoo

  7. Danielle Bullock

    hello dear cousine!! like every passing day, I think of you and send you loads of positive vibes!! you are one great lady Diane! love you and see you soon on facebook! xxx Danielle and the boys

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Merci ma belle cousine xxoo and thanks for the positive vibes and kiss your boys for me xxxooo

  8. Giovanni Ricci

    Ciao carissima Dianna, my name is Giovanni I am your dear sisters hairdresser. First , I would like to congratulate you on having such a loving sister. Ever since she has come to know of your illness she never stops to talk about her dear sister and wonderful she is, never ceasing to end the conversation by soliciting prayers and well wishes. This love that your sister has for you has compelled me to write to you. … So here I go: when I see or hear of acts of love it always refers me to the source of love: Jesus! Who once said: non c’è amore più grande, che dare la sua propria vita per un amico. Which means : there is no greater love than to give ones life for a friend. This is what I think should be at the core of every human relation. Which means to give oneself without reserve to the other, or put in other words : giving of oneself for the joy of the other. For it is in giving that joy is found ! It is in losing ourselves that we are found. So I say this to you dearly beloved sister of Brigitte and to myself and all those who can listen: non abbiate paura, perché chi fida la sua vita al Signore non rimarrà delusa perché la ritroverà per tutta l’eternità. Il Signore È : la VIA, la VITA e la VERITÀ !!!! God bless you Dianna

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Gracie Giovanni Ricci,

      Yes she is my dear loving sister too and my other sister France is also my loving dear sister…<3
      We have been thru alot with our other sisters including my mom of course and all we want is to be healthy and alive but god choose who he wants ….i have no doubt brigitte mentions me on a daily basis as she too dont want to lose another but thats life and i will fight to the end…xxoo
      Love you Brigitte xx and thankyou for writing to me Giovanni 🙂

  9. Gary Brown

    Hi Diane
    I am Brigitte’ s brother-in-law- (Johl’s brother).
    I just would like you to know that we are all
    supporting you and to keep that powerful strength
    you have within you. Have a great day!

    • Diane Gaudreault

      oh wow hi Gary thankyou soo much and yes im trying hard to just live life and love my dogs 🙂

  10. Julie Lambert

    Bonjour Diane,
    on ne se connaît pas mais je connais ta soeur brigitte. elle me parle beaucoup de toi comment elle t’aime et te trouve forte. Je tenais à t’écrire un petit mot pour te dire que je suis avec toi et que tu es d’une grande inspiration pour moi. il y a quelque mois, j’ai perdu une personne très chère à mes yeux elle es partie si vite. on lui a diagnostiqué un cancer une heure avant son décès sa n’a pas été facile et je te dirais que sa l’est toujours pas elle occupe une grande place dans mon coeur et dans ma tête. Je t’envoie pleins d’ondes positives tu es une soeur formidable qui t’aime. c’est important la famille et de se dire que l’on s’aime une chose est sûre c’est que j’ai pu lui dire à ma grand-mère a qu’elle point je l’aimait. wish you all the best and positives thinkin im all with you xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      merci Julie you just made me have happy tears xx and yes brigitte elle m’aime beaucoup and i love her too xx


    Diane ,
    I know you are going to remind yourself of course,
    that you’re TERRIFIC !!


    • Diane Gaudreault

      love you my sister xx


    For Diane,

    “If I rise on the wings of the dawn , if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast” .


    With love from the West coast of the Pacific
    Jacqueline xoxo
    Brigitte Estelle friend from way back

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thank you Jacqueline for your kind words xxoo

  13. france gaudreault

    To my dearest sister so far away yet you would always make me feel that you were right beside me when i would call with your laughter….The best thing about having a sister as you is that you are always going to be my bestfriend..I grew up watching you… admiring you just to get up and go….and now i see you as a warior battling with cancer !!! Your positive thinking makes all the difference, when you fill your mind with positive thougts, your life starts to change .. Take care and keep on smiling,,,take every chances, drop every fear. I am sending you millions smiles, take one each morning because i want to see you smile always !!

    I love and miss you so my beautiful sister
    France xxxxxxoooo

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Hi France ,

      Thankyou for writing that beautiful supporting message. I always like how you tell me to get healthy and think positive cus it will have longer effect to my life .. may not cure it but will contain it.. I have to fight till the end as my dogs ( which are like my babies as i dont have any children) keeps me on my toes,, so they are pretty much the ones who gets me up in the morning and get up and go attitude as they are relying on me big time..xxo I miss you france and brigitte and of course our angels sisters..
      i wish i never got this but i got it so i have to deal with it day by day..
      To see the children with cancer is very unfair and when i see them it makes me think if they can do it than so can i.. what choice do i have?
      Missing you xxoo <3


    Today , during your visit to your doctor,

    Brigitte Estelle
    xxxxx ♡♡♡♥♥

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Had my heart scan and tommorow a follow up for more chemo x

  15. Gracia Di Stéfano

    Hi kiddo…yah, it’s me Leda..I’m at your mom’s place just wanted to say Hi and hoping you’re doing ok and fine through all what is going on now in your life…I agree with my girl Danielle, you’re quite a special lady and am so glad that you’re surrounded with loving people and a great medical staff who is giving you the best care to go through this….you know kiddo how you are always in our hearts and minds and especially prayers….rest if you must but don’t you ever quit 🙂 me love you kiddo xxx
    P.S. I don’t have any more Facebook but you can e-mail me when you feel like it :
    Ciao! xxxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Merci matante leda love you too xxoo i am resting alot more as its summer here and its starting to get warm but very windy which helps with the coolness.. im not too good with heat .
      I am off chemo now as the bone marrow transplant is not taking me just yet as my tumors are not small enough so im going for a CT by end of the month and will get radiation to target it and hopefully make it smaller ( shrink) so than the bone marrow transplant might take me on if possible.. anyways that is how it is and i might o back to work soon and only work 10hrs pwk..this is next year..

      love you xxoo

  16. Louise Lapointe

    Allo ma belle Diane,
    Je t’écris un p’tit mot, juste pour te dire que je pense à toi souvent et que je te souhaite pleins de ptits bouts de bonheurs ici et là qui se présentent à toi . Je t’envoie un sourire et de la belle énergie du Québec! Respire-la cette énergie!
    Louise xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Merci ma belle louise

      Je tellement apprecie que tu pense a moi xx

  17. Gracia Di Stéfano


    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou maman

      Your very dear to me, wish you weren’t alone 🙁 ….life was hard for you and don’t want it any harder than it is as im sick.. damn cancer sucks!!
      Hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel…xx

      love you xx



    No matter how it is said , you got older !! Hahahahaha! !!
    From your younger sister !!
    Brigitte Estelle xxxxxx
    I LOVE YOU !!

    • Linda

      Hi Diane,
      Brigitte asked me to say “Hi” we have a few things in common. First, Happy Birthday! Today is also my birthday. I also have a wonderful little dog (Levi) who is a Multipoo. I got Levi May 30th and he is so much fun. From what your sister shared you have gone through a lot of loss. My younger sister died when she was 16. No one knows you as well as our siblings. All the little mischievous things we did and swore them to secrecy. Keep fighting like a girl! If it is ok with you I would like to keep you in prayer.

      • Diane Gaudreault

        Thankyou Linda ,

        I understand that you have been thru similarities , god bless you xx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      haha funny girl you are and yes you are much younger than me 😛 love ya sis
      Thankyou for putting this up..xx

      • Diane Gaudreault

        oops sorry wrong message to wrong person sorry lol

    • Diane Gaudreault

      HI my funny dear sister ,

      Yes you are and always be younger than me 😛

      Thankyou for putting this website up for me xx

      love you more !

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Brigitte every time I leave you a message it keeps going to Linda’s inbox??


    Happy Birthday Diane, great person that you are !!!

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou my dear bro n’ law 🙂

  20. Andreea Zinca

    May that day be amazing and full of joy !
    You deserve it so much!
    I wish you the best and remember that everyday is a gift ! Take care of yourself !

    Andreea xoxo

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou my new friend Andreea Zinca and don’t be shy to send me messages on facebook…:)

      • Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

        So nice of you Andrea♡★♡★
        Have great moments!
        Brigitte Estelle xxx

  21. Gracia Di Stéfano

    HI Diane, today it is white all over and so beautiful but as much as it is beautiful I HATE IT,,,,,,,, the cold most of all the ice under the snow brrrrr anyways we only have but five months to go, so enjoy your nice weather and hope that you are doing fine with all the projects that you want to do,,,,,bonne NUIT et bon reves je t’embrasse et je t’aime XOXOXO


    Gidday Matey !!
    I know you are going to have results of your catscan Wednesday (tuesday for us ) , I want you to remember your inner strength, courage , and the cancer is in you but it certainly does not own you !
    Love you,
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx


    December’s cold air is here and with it comes snow !! Christmas in snow, Christmas in sandy beaches, Christmas with friends and / or with family near or far , you are close by in my heart !!
    From Canada,

    Brigitte Estelle xxxx

    I love you Diane !
    Now go and drink your wine ….

  24. Gracia Di Stéfano

    hi Diane it is the 22 of dec,and 02;40 am for you ,,here the winter started yesterday with frosty white snow on trees ,it is ever so beautiful, make us forget the cold, I will be going out for you today xmas shopping,,,,,you are sleeping now I ask your angel to kiss you softly for me and bless you, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, have a very merry christmas dear daughter of mine, you are so special so ,so proud to be your mum LOVE YOU XOXO p.s. hope my car is not frozen a plus hard xoxooxo

  25. Gracia Di Stéfano

    made a mistake in spelling c’est a plus tard !!!!! je t’aime ça tu le sais, je te souhaite une journée rempli que de la joie et au plaisir de te voir sur le skype dors bien ma grande je t’embrasse bye-bye sweetie xoxo


    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!♡♥♡♥♡♥


    Hey Diane,
    keep up the great positive work on yourself and especially your positive strong outlook in life ★☆★☆
    Gidday mate
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx


    Well it is -32 and windy !

    And I am sooooo frozen and tired of shoveling white snow ( some yellow) , thinking of us in Cookshire when the snow was up to our shoulders, but then again we were little short and very young hahaha ! Hope you keep your thoughts positively strong and your spirit high ! ☆☆

    With love from Québec, Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx


    Love you,
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Sorry for having been on here for a long time.. read all your messages adn love you and miss you dearly . Thankyou for all your loving thoughts and support for my journey and yours xx


    Bonjour ma Soeur Diane,

    Check what I found , looks good huh !?

    -28 with the wind , yikes!!
    Enjoy your warm nice sunny day !!

    With love from Québec, Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx

  31. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault
    Hi Diane,

    Hope this can bring you some peace of mind through your renovations , you can have a bit of joy in knowing that I found you an exercise “yoga” to relieve the stress of back exercises.
    I know it says during periods but it is great exercises!
    ☆★ love y’a
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  32. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Salut Diane,

    Keep up your smile we all need it ! ♡♥♡♥

    With love from Québec, Montréal Canada

  33. roby mize

    Hello !!!Im still fairly new here.
    Your sister posted on my story and suggested to look at yours.

    Your strength and courage is an inspiriation to many.Including myself.

    Thank you for sharing your journey

    Keep your had held high

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou Roby and me too im not very familiar with this as my sister keeps reminding me to answer to this lovely website … hope your fine and keep strong no matter what god plans for us.. <3

  34. Gloria Di Stefano

    Hi Diane,
    This is a nice site and great incentive of Brigitte for creating it and sharing it with us and I thank her for having included me.
    Diane… the girl with a great heart, generous, caring and needless to say very lovable. Aside from being family, what we most have in common is our love for animals and I fully understand how her “Babies” are so dear to her.
    I admire your strength, courage and determination to get through this and you will succeed and when at times you think you can’t go on, we your loved ones will be there to support you. I told you often my dear Diane… just believe because you never know.
    I love you very much and BIG hugs for you XOXO

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Hi matante me too im glad she included you in and thanks for all your kind supporting words.. as always .. had my results and a bit sad but at least its shrinking slowly anyways like I posted earlier to others Enjoy each day as God plan for us… love you very much xxx

  35. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Je suis maître de ma vie , peu importe de mes prisons , c’est moi qui en a la clé

    Hi Diane !
    meaning you have total control !!
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thanks to you Brigitte and you keep me posted with support and strength, always especially when times are hard.
      love you too sis xx

  36. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    love ya,
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  37. Della Holt

    Hi Diane, Your dear sweet sister Brigitte told me about you and what a wonderful beautiful sister you are!! I know how important sisters are! I have six sisters! Yes! Two had alzhiemers and are now with our precious Lord but that is ok because they lived their lives to reach heaven. I know you are a strong fighter and I am so proud of you!! My son and I are fighting for our lives too. We both had weight loss surgery the same day because we wanted to live. We are doing great. I am sending you hugs and love across the miles and prayers of strength and healing too. I am going to be checking in on you again soon! Goodnight for now my new friend! Della

  38. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Happy Halloween Diane!!
    From your witchy sister!
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  39. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Hi there sister!!

    November 11., your special day ! ♡♡♡♡♡

    First I must say how I am so freakin’ proud of you and your will to be a stronger person then you normally are…
    You were dealt with a new chapter in your life… Non Hodgkins Lymphoma disease, dealing with how to change your personal, emotional and physical life around this without breaking down ! I know that there were very hard times or rather difficult moments… You were granted a great friend name Cathy to bring you closer to your spiritual side to gain trust, comfort and strength !

    Your wisdom was always in you … within at reach …sometimes a change in our daily ritual brings us to a halt and makes us realize how fragile life is and can be and how priceless it is ! You were so in tuned to how you should love life before your diagnosis. And now you are still in tuned to your need for life even more so…, to explore different tactics, different alternatives to breathe in the second by second life has to offer !!

    I am so proud that I get to tell you that , you are a pretty neat sister !!

    ☆☆☆☆☆☆HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU OL’LADY !!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆
    HAHAHAHA !! Hey enough of being sucky I am the youngest !!!

    With love from Canada !!
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      oh Brigitte that was so nice what you wrote and I do have moments of insecurity and anxiety but I try not to let it control me I guess I just have to be grateful with what I have and waking up each morning
      Your a pretty neat sister yourself with all your love and support which I need always.. <3
      love you very much xxoo

  40. John brown

    Hi Diane,
    Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday !!!
    Hope you’re more charged up for your your birthday than your car is !!!
    ha ha ha – I heard through the grapevine that you left your keys in the ignition (in the ‘on position)
    Don’t worry – I had my car car towed to the garage because it wouldn’ start – Brigitte said ” maybe
    you have no gas — I was stressed out and I put her in her place after that ridiculous comment… the mechanic called me an hour later and said ” you’re out of gas” yep – Brigitte was rigjht (again) – and, I was red-faced.

    joke for your birthday : Don’t Mess with Old Ladies

    A police officer called the station on his radio.
    “I have an interesting case here. An old lady shot her
    husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped.”

    “Have you arrested the woman?”

    “Not yet. The floor’s still wet.””

    Bye for now 🙂

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Hi John,

      hahaha yup I’m the blonde 😛 Can’t believe I did that! lol

      and thankyou for the bday wish 🙂

  41. Gary Brown

    Happy Birthday Diane!
    From John’s brother Gary.
    Have a great, safe and positive year!

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou Gary 🙂

      Happy Birthday to you too , (my sister Brigitte who mention to me it was your bday )
      Wish you the best of day

  42. Cathy Gallant (Brigitte's sis-n-law)

    Happy happy birthday. I know of you through your sister and
    admire you. Hope this year is a healthy and happy one ?

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou Cathy ,

      I hope this year and next is a healthy one too 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  43. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault


    Earlier this year we kicked off the VLP (Vitality Longevity Protocols) at the BePure Clinic, so far we’ve had an overwhelming response and some amazing results, with more than 60 clients participating in the 8-month programme. 

    Through the VLP we use a very high level of wellness testing, health assessments and nutritional protocols to help people overcome serious health concerns, or experience their highest level of health and wellbeing. 

    We’ve had a lot of interest in the VLP from all over New Zealand, but we’re only able to take on another 8 clients for the rest of the year.  Next week I am starting my last speaking tour of the year with 12 events
    around the country, so the last spots will fill up very quickly. 

    If you are interested in applying for one of the 8 remaining spots, the process starts with a complimentary, no obligation 30-minute phone call with me (Ben), to see if the programme 
    is right for you.  The programme is a significant investment in both time and money, so please consider that before applying.

    To book in a time for us to talk, please email or call 0800 873 787.

    This is how strong of a fighter my sister Diane is, this is the seminar she went to and expressed a lot of love joy and interest with her “seminar weekend “, I’m proud of her going forward and experiencing a new journey yes with fear but very much so better knowledge and better thinking habits which creates a better lifestyle !


    With love from Canada, Québec
    Brigitte Estelle xxxx (your adorable sister, hahahaha)

  44. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ My tumour has shrunk to a moderate size yipeeee xx ♡♡♡♡♡♡


    With love from Québec, Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Hi Brigitte ,

      Thankyou so much for your support thru out my journey and YES I’m happy that my tumours shrank some what … I knew it did after my 15 treatments of radiations following 5 days of intense chemo as a in patient..

      Never less it is a victory and everyday is to be celebrated 🙂
      xxoo love you sis

  45. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Hey Diane,

    Absolutely thrilled to hear the good news !
    You are great !
    Think of you often ♡♥

    John (brother in law)

    Leaving you with one of my famous joke…
    What do you call a fly with no wings ?

    A walk !!

    Hahahaha! !!!!!

    • Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

      Oh lord , after 26 years his jokes are getting cornier !!! Hahahaha !!

      With love from Québec, Canada
      Brigitte Estelle xxx ( John’s better half )

    • Diane Gaudreault

      hahaaha don’t get your dry jokes 😛

      Thankyou for your thoughts xxoo

  46. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault


    BE HAPPY TODAY , YOU DESERVE that special moment of laughter !!♡★♡★♡☆♥

    With love from Québec, Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  47. Terry A

    Dear Diane Gaudreault… I do not know you personally but I know your sister because she comes to the pharmacy where I work and she always speaks so highly of you! It is so humbling to see how much positivity someone can have when going through difficult times. Honestly, reading Brigitte’s story gave me chills. (Hi Brigitte!! if you see this)… There are no perfect words to say because I cannot say I know what you are going through but I can tell you that my prayers are with you Diane. GOD is good, and I hope you have reached a state of peace in your mind and soul. You are so strong, keep fighting and dancing :)…. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and I’m wishing you a great new year and I pray that 2016 will be amazing to you. I believe in miracles and I have hope for you. Don’t give up.

    Sending you positive vibes,
    Terry A xoxo <3
    QC, Canada

    • Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

      Well hello to you sweet Terry!!

      What a nice surprise to read you ♡♥
      Thank you for taking the time to say hey to Diane, as I know that you are busy studying and working!
      May God keep you safe!

      With love from Québec, Canada
      Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane

      Thankyyou Terry that was very thoughtful and caring of you
      I appreciate all beautiful kind words and prayers
      Me too I believe in miracles.. God is with me no matter what happens.
      No I will never give up! I’m also lucky to have a living supporting sister Brigitte 🙂
      Take care and thank you again 🙂

  48. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Happy Valentines Diane !!!!!
    With love from Québec,
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane

      Right back at ya!!!
      Love u always!

  49. John Brown

    Hi Diane 🙂
    … This customer goes to the barber and says ” today, I want a special haircut. I want my right sideburn long and my left sideburn very short, I want a tuft of hair stickig out on the left side and when you trim it at the back of my neck i want it cut at an angle, not in a straight line” …
    The Barber says ” I can’t do that !!!’
    The Customer says, ” I don’t see why not, … that’s how you cut it the last time !!!”

    Ha Ha, hope you like this one better than my last one !!!

    Love ya,


  50. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Slimming Meals That Heal: Lose Weight Without Dieting, Using Anti-inflammatory Superfoods 
    By Julie Daniluk

    Heard the weather is hot over there! Keep wet facecloth in freezer and put in ziplock bag to carry it with you at all times. I want to tell you about a book that is a hell of a great happy book ! ♡♡♡
    Recipes are super great and healthy!♡♥♡♥

    ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ happy easter sister ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
    With love from ,
    Brigitte Estelle

  51. Brigitte Estelle

    April 1st 2016,

    My incredible sister is learning knitting while on this new adventure of being in control of her mind, body and soul! She challenges herself to new heights, learning, understanding how to live with her cancer how to be the boss of her days ahead. She goes to church ….. she learns to believe, especially in herself! She now learns to eat better and actually likes vegan recipes! Hmmmmm, I wonder though if she still likes our mother’s sugar pie? Hahahaha!!
    (Look at site above this email and check out great meals that heals, recipes )!
    I salute you Diane to your will to discover new life, in such a positive yet challenged time in your life! Remember that you may have cancer, but it does not have you !

    With love from Canada,
    Brigitte Estelle xx
    ( no I will not learn to knit , blah, i am not good)!

  52. Brigitte Estelle

    Good morning Diane,
    Don’t forget to take some time to check out this site!! The author is quite amazing !

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡ luv ya !!!

    With love from Canada,
    Brigitte Estelle

  53. Claire Adams

    Hi girls,

    Just wanted to say hi and to remind us all that everything is possible with the support of family members. We are nothing without our loved ones!

    Claire Adams

    • Brigitte Estelle

      Thank you for your kind words, merci Claire!!
      Brigitte Estelle

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thank you for acknowledging my story and yes its very important to receive all support from friends and family <3

  54. Brigitte Estelle

    Today is has been 3 years ago that you were diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, you had to learn to learn on how to survive through this scary time . You learn that to allow yourself to cry was human! And to worry enough so that it would be enough to push you to fight !
    In the last 3 years you took sewing, religion, meditation, chanting , gardening, eating better and most of all you took the time to love yourself enough to want to survive and love everyday life especially with your doggies!


    with love from Canada,
    Brigitte Estele xx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thanks Brigitte ,
      love you too xxoo
      Your such a good sister of mine 🙂

  55. Brigitte Estelle says:

    June 14, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Dear Estelle,

    Thank you for your kind, lovely and inspiring words, and for seeing my mum how I do lovely and such an inspiration, you put it perfectly saying “people have cancer it does not have them” that is such a powerful statement, and one I will continue to always use.

    My Mum and I both send our positive thoughts, kindness and strength to your sister, what a true and strong fighter she is, with love like yours she will surely conquer the horrid pink mountain.
    Diane you are in our prayers, as are you Estelle and your extended family, Diane keep going you will punish and defeat this cancer, on the days you feel you cannot give more fight just look beside you to Estelle and she will lend you her strength to fight the mountain.
    From our family to yours we hope to see you on here soon wearing the crown of a conquer, of which you already are on. Diane you are one of the ladies I now call miracle women, stay strong and know that we are keeping you in our thoughts
    Kind regards



  56. Frances Sault

    Hi Diane,
    Met Bridgitte at Dorval Toastmasters and she gave me this sit to wish you all the best.
    With your permission I could put you on a healing prayer list that I participate in.

    • Diane Gaudreault

      Thankyou Frances that is very kind of you <3

  57. Brigitte Estelle

    Hey Diane,

    ♡♥♡♥♡♥KEEP FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL ! ♥♡♥♡♥♡
    Love ya’ sis!
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  58. Brigitte Estelle

    To whom it may concern,

    A person at sometimes is tired, frustrated and wants to quit at trying thinking it will not help…

    A fighter is a person who has the ability to create a new way of wanting more in their life…
    A fighter has the capacity to develop courage , strength and endurance …
    A fighter fights to become a better person, believes in herself / himself …
    A fighter develops a stong relationship with her / his beliefs whether in a church, forest, listening to music, knitting , walking with their dogs or sitting down and enjoying their neighbors laughter and cup of tea…
    A fighter gives the chance to the person to be at her / his best…
    A great person explores the fighter in them to better herself / himself and gives them piece of mind…

    A Sister like mine makes me a better human, ♡♡♡ Diane thank you for always keeping your beliefs at high and your attitude at a positive level that it keeps you as AMAZING as ever!!

    Love you,
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

    • Diane Gaudreault

      I love you too my dear 4th sister lol … You are a fighter yourself and have also that courage in you.. I love how you typed this letter for me at late hours of the morning , it shows you care more than ever!!

      Not too worry , i won’t be leaving just yet.. 🙂
      LOve you,
      Diane xxxooo

  59. France Gaudreault

    Hi Diane ! I am not good with w ords but WhaT i can tell you is to remember how far you’ve have come not just how far you have to go. Cancer lost this time battle against you because cancer plans are to make you weaker….. but it made you stronger Diane! Thank the disease for helping you discover the fighter within you …the only way to heal or just shrink cancer is to accept the reality and move Forward.. which you did…. yoj are a courage women …i love you xxx???? miss you xxxx

    • D Gaudreault

      Hi france
      You are great with words nevet underestimate yourself. Thankyou your right about everything..
      Love you lots.
      Thanks also for waiting up late for my results xxccccc

  60. Heather

    Hello Diane,

    I have never met you or anyone in your family or circle of friends, but I play a crossword game with Brigette and John, (I think John cheats!) Bigette told me about your fight and after reading all of these words of encouragement, I know you have shared your light and heart with so many. Each person loves you and wishes they could fight right by your side. I know this is not always possible, but you are the greatest gift to this world, as you were made in the image of God. Deuteronomy 31:6 says “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

    You have phenomenal friends and an amazing loving family – stay strong! Hug those fur babies I hear they are amazing and they will always bring a smile to you!

    • D Gaudreault

      Thankyou that is very encouraging and sweet of you xx

  61. Brigitte Estelle

    ☆★☆★☆★☆★Happy birthday Diane ☆★★☆☆☆

    I love you, I’m proud of you and I know you mus, t be out having a great time laughing enjoy your day, love your moment and brighten your smile !!!
    ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ love you ♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥
    With love from Canada,
    Brigitte ×××

  62. John Brown

    To a truly amazing person, you are great !!!!!
    Thinking of you — Happy Birthday !!

    John Brown

  63. Brigitte Estelle

    ★☆★☆★Happy New Year, Diane!♡♥♡♥♡

    with love from Canada
    Brigitte Estelle

  64. Brigitte Estelle

    Today my sister Diane is at the flea market with a whole bunch of other volunteers giving time , love for the cat rescue shelter! She crocheted, knitted, sewn and made loads of jars apricot jam. You are inspiring Diane, boy you may have cancer but “it” certainly does not have you !!!!
    With love from Canada,
    Brigitte Estelle

  65. Brigitte Estelle

    Diane is keeping her spirits up, or at least she is trying so hard. She smiles and prays that noone sees her fear. She has been on morphine and was told that they found spots on her liver, after her catscan not too long ago. Her friend Wiki is keeping me at peace knowing that he is there to see to her needs, seing that we live so far from one another and I thank him!
    She may have cancer BUT, it certainly does not have her….
    Keep praying keep smiling Diane!!

    • Diane Gaudreault

      omg brigitte that was quick lol
      Love you please dont worry for now it will all turn out good xx

      • Brigitte Estelle

        My Sister Angel, You’re right it has turned out well, you are no longer suffering ….
        With love from Canada,
        Brigitte Estelle xx

  66. Brigitte Estelle

    My sister Diane has lost her battle with cancer…. My heart is broken but my memories are fulfilled with our long phone call conversations just about everything and anything! She has passed away at New Zealand Christchurch Public Hospital on December1st,2017. Through out her journey she has faced the unknown, the uncertainty of her disease with pride and dignity and love and support from her love and strength Wiki and our mother Gracia her sister France and me Brigitte Estelle…
    You will be remembered and loved by all of us…
    There is gonna be one hell of a Christmas Party up there!?

    • Danielle Bullock

      oh! my….. I’m sooo sorry for lost my dear cousins…. je vais penser à vous très fort xxxxxx

    • admin

      Brigitte, I just read your comment about your sister’s passing. I am so very sorry for your loss. Diane was a beautiful soul who truly Fought Like a Girl. Please know that you will be in our hearts and prayers during the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Much love and light to you, and may your new Angel rest in the beautiful Peace that she deserves, FLAG

      • Brigitte Estelle

        Wow thank you?
        Where can i see on your post that she earned her wings?

        • admin

          Hi Brigitte, can you send us (or post to FB) the photo you would like us to share, and we will post to our FB wall? I have to add that Diane was so blessed to have you as her sister. It’s touching to see how much you loved and supported her. There’s no doubt you lightened the tough journey she had. <3

  67. Brigitte Estelle

    Sorry i dont know how to send a photo and i dont have FB just take the one that i posted when i wrote her story.
    Thank you so much for your kind words and support!
    Brigitte Estelle

  68. Karin Morrell

    Glorious testament to power of love for one another.
    A love that abides, surrounds, beholds, witnesses and is beyond confines of time and space. Thank you for this circle of love, Brigitte Estelle ?

    • Brigitte Estelle

      Karin my WORDS WITH FRIENDS Buddy!
      I thank you for this surprising comment how kind of you !!
      With love Brigitte Estelle

  69. Brigitte Estelle

    Hey there Diane,???
    I thought it would be fun to write to you on this site as I had before and then the thought of you not writing back would be so sad for me.
    But imagine, no more pain,no more suffering,no more wondering,no more being scared,no more questions,no more crying… …that is what consoles me!
    I Miss you so much and I miss your weird Kiwi accent for a French Chick and I so much miss our long funny and sometimes our sucky phonecalls ??
    How are the sunsets up there YOU ARE UP THERE, RIGHT!?? Hahahaha !!
    Love ya!
    With Love from Canada
    Brigitte Estelle xx

  70. Diane Labbe

    Hello Brigitte…so glad i got to see you at the cemetary in stanstead today…you are right the way you describe your sister Diane is exactly what your mom tells us when we see are her pride and joy. I wish we knew her more because she seemed to be a wonderful person. Take care of yourself and enjoy life to it’s fullest…from a friend and far away cousin..Diane xx

    • Brigitte Estelle

      ? You are kind! ?
      It was my pleasure as well!
      Thank you so much and I wish you and your pretty daughters Great Moments!!
      With love from Canada
      Beigitte Estelle xx

  71. Brigitte Estelle


  72. Brigitte Estelle

    Today, My Diane is having a memorial in Canada ?? and I shall smile and remember her with love ?
    With love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle, xx

    She is Gone
    By David Harkins
    You can shed tears that she is gone
    or you can smile because she has lived.
    You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
    or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left.
    Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
    or you can be full of the love you shared.
    You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday
    or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
    You can remember her and only that she’s gone
    or you can cherish her memory and let it live on.
    You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
    or you can do what she’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

    • Karin Morrell

      So true. After initial phases of grief, denial, anger,
      Guilt and rivers of tears, this becomes easier.

  73. Karin Morrell

    Blessings surround you and your family as you commemorate your dear sister’s amazing spirit ❤️

    • Brigitte Estelle

      You, Karin are truly kind…?
      With Love from Canada ??,
      Brigitte Estelle xx

  74. Brigitte Estelle

    …“Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance
    And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
    I hope you dance (Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along)
    I hope you dance ?…”

    Sitting by a window letting the sun warm me up, reading or trying to, but I miss you and wish you were here to hear me vent and then hear you laugh at me like a big sister does so annoyingly hahaha!

    This song is playing on the radio by Lee Ann Womack “I hope you dance”.

    … I truly know you are…

    ?. ?? ? ?? ?? ??
    Mama You. Lyne. France. Me. Julie

    With Love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle xx

  75. Brigitte Estelle

    I miss you so much… ???

    With love from canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle xx

  76. Brigitte Estelle

    Hey sister,

    …..Missing you ???

    • Brigitte Estelle

      With love from Canada ??
      Brigitte Estelle

  77. Booge

    Hey Diane ,
    It has been a whole year you left and, I cannot believe time goes so fast it certainly does not heal quickly within a year, but throughout my year of mourning, “Time” has delivered me little moments of peaceful dreams that you are around, little messages of joy once in awhile, knowing that you don’t suffer anymore…
    I have you in my heart forever my sister!
    I shall Love you always…???

    With Love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  78. Deborah Hammer

    My thoughts and love are with you. May their memories be a blessing and comfort to you always. ❤️?

    • Brigitte Estelle

      My friend Deblivion… you are so kind, thoughtful!
      Thank you ?

  79. Brigitte Estelle

    For my sister ,

    Diane it has been 1 year excalty that you have earned your wings ?
    Now enjoy your new journey, feel free and remember that I always will love you!!

    With Love from Canada ??
    Brigitte Estelle

  80. Brigitte Estelle

    Still loved still missed and very dear.

    Your birthday’s here but YOU aren’t
    I’d send a gift but know I can’t.

    So I’ll make a wish upon a star 🌟
    To carry my love to where YOU are.

    With Love,
    Brigitte Estelle
    ‘miss laughing with you’

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