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Annaliese’s Story (Endometriosis)

Annaliese's Story (Endometriosis)Hello ladies, I’m Annaliese. I’m 20 and I have been fighting the pain of endometriosis since the age of 14. I had my childhood doctor tell me there’s nothing wrong, that it’s normal to miss periods. She also didn’t care about the pain. They put me on the 10-day pill to get my periods started again, which really hurt.

At the age of 18, I finally got sick of getting no answers so I made an appointment with the ob/gyn.  That was in September. He told me that day that it was endometriosis. He had me in surgery that November.  I didn’t get answers from the surgery, however, because he couldn’t get the camera through because there was way too much scar tissue.

So now I’m dealing with having no period for 15 months, serious pain, the pain of wanting to be a mother and knowing the only way that’s going to happen is getting help from my doctor. The great news is my tubes are open 🙂 I just need a steady period now and not to live with this everyday pain :(.  But I fight like a girl and I know that someday all of this will be behind me and I will have a beautiful bundle of joy. I will keep everyone posted with updates.

Submitted 11-30-11

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. annaliese estabrook

    first thanks for taking time to read my story it has now been since sept 11 ,2010 of no period extreme weight gain and fight with health insurance im depressed not knowing whats going on and knowing my inside are just getting worse… i hope i can get answers soon and still be able to have my own child thats my biggest concern 🙁

    • Karen Casey

      I truly understand what you are going through…they do not understand the pain..Mine became so severe over the years that my only choice was to have a hysterectomy, and upon doing that the disease had spread so far that they actually had to move my liver and kidneys and scrape behind it. It was actually adhering to the organs. Please get the necessary treatment now so you will not have to do the extreme that I did and go through life not having children. I wish you the best…

      • alicia willis

        i know how you feel i was getting severe headaches alot so i went to a hosptial in dubque and they said it was nothing that it was just migranes but the headaches were getting worse so finally i went to a different doctor and found out that i have brain cancer and that i need to have sugery right away or im going to die and the doctor said that if i didnt say anything i could of been dead in 2 weeks becuase it was growing really fast by the mintue so i had sugery done and went through chemo thearpy and radtion and lost my hair but it grew back but i was reallly sick after the cancer and i still have my brain cancer becuase it was so big that they could not remove all of it becuase it was to risky to remove all of it so im going to have the turmor for the rest of my life but im not letting it get it to me im going to keep on fighting and never give up!


    hey my name is SHANNA an i feel for you honey i kinda think i might have the same problem an well i don’t know becauz i have no way of goin too the dr an well i might need too try too figure out how too go an see one cauz that scares me how did you know there was sumthin wrong an well i have periods like that an yes it hurts really bad an then theres months i don’t an don’t know why but i’m gonna try an go this next week an well honey i’ll be prayin for you an i’ll put you on our prayer chain in my church an well honey i hope evrything gets better for you an if you have a facebook page please look me up at shanna rye

  3. Britanny

    Hey. I feel for you. I also have endometriosis. Last Thursday I had surgery. My problem was a bit more complicated. I also had a septated uterus, which means I pretty much had 2. They said I was born with it. Even now, my chances to conceive are about 20 percent lower than the average female. I’m going to be at risk and have more pre natal care, due to the fact that my chances for miscarriage are higher than normal. So far, it seems they have removed what they could. Now its a waiting game to see how much scar tissue there will be. Best of luck to you pretty lady. I know how bad it hurts. Stay strong && fight like a girl!

  4. anne buck graves

    I am 32 yrs old now and suffered from endometriosis starting @ age 16. They wanted to remove one ovary cuz aside from endo I had cysts. My mom let me decide and I refused wanting to be a mother and wife is all I had ever wanted. I had DNC and they tried to burn what they could. Told me children weren’t possible. I didn’t want to believe it. I had few more DNC’s done…. Got married Oct. 14th of 2000, got pregnant Oct. 28 of 2000. By end of Nov. I was bleeding. I was RH negative. Had to get rhogam shot. I had a very hard pregnancy. On July 17,2000 I delivered a beautiful boy Brennon. By time he was 2 I had had 11 DNC’s and they had tried to burn every time, but I had not stopped bleeding since he was born. By time my son was 3 I had to have a total hysterectomy for all scar tissue turned to displacia which turned to cancer. But I did have my miracle baby as I call him . I have battled cervical cancer and won. Twice. And I don’t have my cervix, It’s where my cervix was. No one can understand the pain of it or pain of wanting nothing more than being a mother. You will be in my thoughts, my prayers & my heart . I would do it again to have my now 11 year old. Keep your head up Chickers.

  5. Cheryl Soderberg

    I have endometriosis and after years upon years of no answers then several laser laporoscopies I gave up. Then at age 37 I found out I was pregnant and now 20 years later I still have pain from the scar tissue but it was so worth no have any thing removed. Cause then I wouldn’t have my wonderful son.

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