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Angie’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Heart Arrhythmia)

Angie's Story (Heart Problems)Hi, my name is Angie. I am 45 years old and I suffer from many chronic illnesses. It started happening when I was 28. I have spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, IBS, and anxiety. I have had two neck surgeries with hardware added (titanium rods), and two lower back surgeries with hardware added then removed.  A year ago I was also diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia and low blood pressure. The main power to my story is that for the past 17 years I have been on a medical roller coaster but through it all I was always able to control my pain level “somewhat.”  The new medical issue with my heart has terrified me at times. You can’t control what the heart does. I have surrendered to my heavenly father and as you read “My Story” from this past year you will understand why I say that. Thank you for letting me share and I hope it inspires someone who is as scared as I used to be.

This is My Story: A year ago today ( July 2-2012), I was admitted to the hospital with rapid heart beats and palpitations. I went to the ER and they rushed me straight into triage. I called my sister Tonya & Densel to be with me. I was scared and tired. While all the nurses were running around me hooking me up to monitors and an IV, my heart beat got higher and higher. My heart beat was at 175, I thought my chest would burst. I remember looking behind me watching the number continue to go up. I could hear the beep go faster but then it went nuts (the last record at hospital shows heart beat of 276 , it should be 70. My sister says it was at 300 last time she looked at it).

I cried out for someone to please make it stop. A nurse came in and started to give me a shot telling me this was going to STOP my heart UG. I turned my head in fear and the last thing I saw was my sisters face. She was terrified and pale. I closed my eyes and drifted a moment. That’s when I saw my mom, I told her I missed her and that I would soon need a hug. Then I started to pray to God, I could feel his presence so vividly. I asked him to please not take me in front of my sister, not now. I asked him mercifully to let me go to Haiti, I had too much work to do (yes that is what was on my mind). Then a calmness came over me. I woke up to the nurse not being able to get into my arm with that heart stopping needle. On the other side of me was a cardiologist rubbing my neck.  Another nurse was injecting three medication in me to calm my heart, body, and soul down. The heart beat started to go down slowly.

They admitted me. My sister never left my side. I looked over at her while she slept in the middle of the night and thought, “I know momma is in here with us, momma is so proud of Tonya for never leaving my bedside.” I loved her even more at that moment. The next day they did a battle of tests. At that moment the only question I had was CAN I GO TO HAITI? The doctor said absolutely not! I went to Little Rock to the Heart hospital there and I failed every test.  I was told I could not drive for six months due to my blood pressure dropping so low that I would faint. Again I asked, CAN I GO TO HAITI? That doctor said yes as long as I don’t drive. Yes!

Many don’t know how scared I really was. The chances of needing medical care while going there could happen, but once there are very slim. I prayed to God the day I boarded that plane (I HATE FLYING TOO). I asked him to please guide me, protect me, and let me serve him. The moment I placed my foot off the plane at the airport in Port Au Prince I wept at the calmness and peace that I had not felt in a very long time. I got up every morning singing to everybody. I thanked God for carrying me while I was there. The entire time I was there I was healthier then I had ever felt! People told me you don’t need to go, please don’t go. My God is bigger than that and he told me to go, so I did. I took a leap in faith, I laid it all at his feet, and I made to Haiti. I am learning I need to do this every single day. 🙂 I told my cardiologist he’d better keep getting my medications right. I have Haiti in the works for February 2014, he just shook his head . 🙂 I will continue to FLAG.

Angie R
Submitted 7-8-2013

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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