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3 Fun Ways to Find Me-Time in a Busy World

“I just don’t have the time!” This has almost become a catchphrase today. We are all juggling a million things at once — family, career, finances, stress, anxiety – that the idea of having some alone-time just to relax by yourself can seem like an impossible dream. But finding me-time can be simple and fun if you take it one moment at a time.

Take little scheduled detours when running your errands.
If it takes an hour to do your groceries every week, take full advantage of the fact that you’re out and about. Give yourself 15 extra minutes to stop by your favorite café and enjoy a cup of tea, or browse through your favorite bookstore, whether you intend to buy a new book or not. If there’s a place that can offer some solitude en route to your errand run, do stop by. It may be difficult at first, but you’ll soon realize that the world won’t fall apart if you spend 15 minutes for yourself.

Eat your lunch in quiet spots.
If your day is jam-packed at the office that you often find yourself eating from your workstation, that is, when you can even remember to eat, break that habit now. Everyone is entitled to a lunch break, and you are doing yourself a disservice by not enjoying it. Leave your desk and enjoy your lunch at a park bench, if the weather allows for it. Or find a quiet area in your office building and savor the silence. If you worry that being away might mean that things might go wrong, it helps to understand that when you have your me-time, you’ll be so refreshed and even more efficient at juggling your tasks.

Reasonably extend your bathroom breaks.
The emphasis here is on “reasonably,” because people might get suspicious if you’re in the bathrooms for two hours. Bathrooms offer a level of privacy right within the office that can be much needed on a stressful day, and you can take refuge whether you need to do the deed or not. Take your earphones with you and listen to some calming music while you’re in there, or browse through some memes to cheer you up. You can even do a quick meditation practice to remain grounded, then return to your workstation ready to take on the world.

You don’t need long vacations on tropical islands to find some rejuvenating alone-time. You can stay balanced, think clearer, and improve your physical and emotional health right in the midst of this whirlwind called life.

This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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