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What To Do When Pain Takes Over…

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sometimes, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Sydrome have me beaten so far down that I cannot even imagine continuing the fight. Yet I know giving up is not an option, so I have to keep coming up with more and more tools in order to cope in these moments of vicious agony/bleak and dreary moods. My illnesses keep getting worse and worse, so I am always expanding this section of my life.  My pain doctor deserted me the other day, so now I will have to cope with the fact that I currently do not have a medication prescribing physician.  I know that EVERY girl/guy on here has had moments in their illness when it is completely overwhelming.

So I’m polling the group – what do you do when things get too bad??  Here’s what I do:

  • Let myself cry until there are tissues everywhere and I have a swollen face.
  • If possible, order takeout.  Cooking on my poor painful knees is not a treat.
  • SOME kind of pain-easer.
  • Music.
  • Being by myself, as usually I am having too much emotional trauma to deal with being around others.
  • Angry writing or painting.
  • Only the funniest television – like Modern Family!
  • Pillows to into which I can scream.
  • Sleep anytime my body feels the capability.
  • Twitter friends who understand.
  • Concentrate on my breathing.
  • Epically long bubble baths.
  • Reaching out to others…and telling them that I can no longer do this alone.

Sometimes I am positive that there is no way that I am going to make it through the next minute in life.  My body and spirit can feel completely unbearable.  But then I find some beauty and remind myself of the people and things worth sticking around to see.

Keep fighting.  It’s worth it.


This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Kara

    This was great, Annie, but I’m so sorry you’ll dealing w/ so much. I know those feelings of depression and despair that severe pain can cause and it sounds like you’re finding healthy ways to deal w/ the pain. Physical therapy has helped me some (aquatherapy), heating pad of course, pain patches and creams in addtition to meds by mouth. I hope that you’re able to get another dr. quickly–one who will really help you. You live in Canada, right? I hope that their system isn’t failing you and that you will be treated the way you deserve.

  2. kp

    I can totally identify with your fibro and CFS symptoms! I only wish I were able to take the time alone to heal that you described. Mostly, I try to sit as much as possible between diaper changes and fixing meals and let the laundry and dishes pile up for as long as possible.

  3. Bonnie

    Thank you for sharing Annie.. I am sorry that your dr has abandoned you when you need them. I hope that you find one soon who will understand fibromyalgia. I am very fortunate that my primary care doctor and my rhuematologist believe and understand fibro. I have found that water exercise in a heated pool gives me the most non medicine relief from the pain. I am able to exercise without the impact on my joints. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has access to a heated pool. I also snuggle under my heating blanket my hubby got me for a Christmas present, the warmth eases the pain. The winter weather brings on more flares for me than in the warm summer months. I say come on spring.

  4. Cor

    Hey again Annie,

    Why did your doctor desert you? I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I often feel like the worst part of these illnesses is that not only do we have to fight to get through each day but we also have to deal with lack of compassion, understanding and assistance do to ignorance of people around us. *big hug* I’ve been crashed out pretty badly for over a year now and embarrassingly stumbled across some teen soap opera dvds at the library, which I’m completely immersed in as reading is often not an option these days. I got into the OC, six feet under, being erica and now I’m hooked on One Tree Hill. *l* But the drama is a distraction I don’t fully get from movies or tv as they only span 30-180min whereas I can get a whole tv season from the library and kinda lose myself in the story. Its a nice reprieve.

    What kind of music do you listen to?

  5. Nicole

    I curl up with my mountains of pillows, a snack, and 2 and a half men for a good ole fashioned cry. During the day I call my best friend who also has fibro and we talk. Or I head to her place to curl up on the couch for a b****fest and some yahtzee or skip bo.

  6. feathers

    I am so depressed about living with RA and FM it sucks~!!!! 🙁

    I may need another dr. cant get any pain pills and otc meds do not touch my pain.

    My therapy is my macaws dont know what I would do without them they give me reason to get out of bed each day and to live I adore them so much and thank god for them every day. Praying for all of you who suffer also.xxxxx

    • feathers

      ps I sleep alot more comfortable then and try not to sit to much pain is much worse then also. Thank you for this site goodnite everyone xx

  7. Tammy

    I enjoyed reading this. I find too many people who use excuses and the easy way out.
    I look for the people who can do better than that. Sometimes i feel better not thinking
    at all, other times it helps to remember the people who have tought me help full
    ways of dealing with lifes ups and downs. Keep in mind theirs people all around
    who understand you. Your’e not alone. I think the internet helps sometimes when
    doctors can’t. I found things on the internet that helped so much that I wonder how
    people survived without computers. Having people or friends who can have a good
    time with you helps to. also when I’m so tired that it slows me down I remind myself
    to think about good things and replace bad thoughts with good ones, It helps me
    to stay possitive.

  8. Rachel

    This article really helped me because I see there are so many people out there suffering and I am not alone. I have chronic pain every day due to herniated discs. I had surgery back in 1996 but it gave me no help. I have headaches and neck pain and arm and shoulder pain and also goes to my hand. I am on a lot of meds and I also try to listen to music or take walks or read, anything that can help my mood.

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