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Valerie’s Story (Ovarian Cancer)

Valerie's Story (Ovarian Cancer)Hello Fight Like a Girl Club. I’m 30 years old and I was diagnosed in 2010 with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. I found out I had cancer after miscarrying my baby girl at five months, you can say she is my angel and saved me.

After multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation I was found cancer free in 2011. However this year it’s back, but now in my stomach.

I am a fighter and my family and friends are and have been a great support. My son is 15 and is scared that it is back. My hope is to show my son how much support and prayers are out there for his mom. I need prayers for my kiddo so he can feel hope and keep the faith that I will indeed beat this one more time! Thank you and God bless, your site truly has helped me and inspired me to never loose hope and know that I am not alone.

Submitted 02/15/2014

The informational content of this article is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your daughter, Valerie, and especially sorry to hear you’re having to face the resurgence of your cancer. I hope your doctors will be able to find a one-two medical punch that will knock it out again…. this time, permanently! We’re thinking of you –

  2. Valerie, I too have had ovarian cancer two times as well as breast cancer prior to that. My treatment last time was through a stomach port, it was grueling but is working.. I too have a 15 yr old son that worries about losing me. You can show him what a warrior you are and beat this like I did! Stay strong and prayers for you and your son.

  3. Valerie,
    Sending so many prayers to both you and your son. You are strong and brave and will beat cancer again!


  4. I was diagnosed with stage3 OC last year and am currently 8 months cancer free. I have a 3 year old son and he is always first in my mind through treatment and follow up appts. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Fight like a girl!!

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