Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Medication Situation

Many of us take medication to treat Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS, whether it be Lyrica, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, etc…in addition to our routines of light exercise and good diet.

Some of us cannot tolerate these medications, due to MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities).  Fibromyalgia almost instantly equals getting all of the strange and uncommon side effects of every pharmaceutical we try.  The instinct is just to run away from drugs, but sometimes the desperation for treatment is just too much.

In my case, as someone who felt bad enough to continue down the medication rabbit hole, I have tried almost every med ever used for such problems.  My combination has been worked out of those that I have tolerated, and it’s a varied set for sure.

Supplements are often added into the mix, or used on their own, in order to provide relief for Fibromyalgia symptoms.

The pile just seems to multiply on top of itself.

I metabolize the medications extremely rapidly, and end up having to take them numerous times daily.  How quickly I have been dropping into withdrawal if I miss a pill has been scaring me lately.  Now I have alarms all over the house!

“Philosophy, like medicine, has plenty of drugs, few good remedies, and hardly any specific cures” ~Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort

Does anyone else have an epically sized weekly pill case?  What do you find the most effective vs. least effective?  I’d love to know your take on the medication situation regarding Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS.



This article is intended to convey general educational information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Kangastu

    I completely understand what you are saying. I have become desperate lately in my attempt to lead a comparatively normal life. That’s impossible for me, so I take pills to try to get through the day in one piece.

    I am studying full time, trying to re-educate and get back into the workplace. To do this I take Tramadol 150mg for breakfast. This wakes me up. I also take Lyrica (which I can only afford half the time), Amira to try to improve muy cognative stuff so I can learn, and Edronax, for the same thing. I also take 2000mg of Magnesium a day to belay the night cramps.

    I don’t notice the benefits of any of the piulls, until I forget to take them. I also have alars set to remind me, and have terrible hangovers when they start to wear off. It’s all hell… but what can you do?


  2. Michelle jadaa

    Im cutting my dr off again.I was taking lyrica but it made my ankles and hands swell and didnt touch the fibro pain and flexeral for the muscle stiffness and spasms but i was at max dose and still having problems.I dont drive so i was dependent on others to drive me to appointments .Dr told me to take OTC pain relievers that dont touch fibro so ive decided to go back to supplements.

    D-ribose for energy,you really should try this stuff,i buy it in bulk powder form from ebay now.Ginko biloba for my cognitive problems and i have to get some magnesium for the muscle stiffness.I take generic Benedryl for sleeping occasionally.As for the pain i just have to accept it.I cant work but got turned down for disibility.I feel like they give you this diagnoses and then refuse to take it seriously after that.

  3. Georgina

    I have CFS and take Tramadol to help manage my pain during the day. I take a combination of low dose Amitriptylene and Zopiclone to help me sleep at night (the Amitriptylene is to increase the effectiveness of the Zopiclone in an attempt to keep my doses low). I don’t tolerate meds well and althought this combination has helped right now my sleep meds are just not working. Twice this week I have gone though the entire night without any sleep. I’m quite scared by this as the less sleep I get the worse the ME/CFS and the worse the ME/CFS flare the less likely I am to sleep well (or at all). I trying to stay hopeful and positive but it’s tough right now.

    I have heard good reports of D-Ribose if your body can tolerate it but both times that I have tried to take it it amplified my insomnia. I am just starting to take NADH again which (oddly) helped settle my sleep pattern before.

    Wishing everyone well, whatever their illness is putting them through right now.

  4. Cor

    ugh, my reply didn’t show up. is there a limit on how long it can be?

  5. melissa

    well i finally got answers and told diet exercise and swim in 06 since then i had 2 take tremadol flexiral and lyrica but they raised price and replaced it w generic neurotin again which makes me gain weight and feel drowsy so i have been trying my best 2 take it when i can but have a little girl 2 take 2 school and everything else during day but i try 2 stay positive stay close 2 my family w there love and support but bad flare up equals me in my room trying 2 deal w the pain trying not 2 cry and let it get me down but there are days i do have 2 have a time out for myself w my bible and just take it all in so every one delas w it difff in beginning i was angry upset emotinal train wreck so young trying 2 raise baby work and finish schooling i almost gave up but i kept pushing for my daughter so now a days i try not 2 let it show if im haing a bad day but have learned not 2 take it out on others but talk and help keeping busy w music just helps a little for me

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