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Saragene’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Saragene's Story 1 (Breast Cancer)

Oct 1996 I found a lump on my right breast. Of course, it was a weekend! I was fortunate to have a great primary female, woman’s doctor. She saw me Monday, recommended a breast specialist, & would not let me leave until I had an appointment made. I saw the breast specialist the …

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Spring’s Story (Melanoma)

I was 27 and I was going into the eye doctor for my yearly eye exam. During my check up my Dr told me that I had a detached retina and was concerned. I got a little nervous and he referred me to a retina specialist to check it out further.  A couple …

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Melissa’s Story (Epilepsy)

Once upon a time, I was an average, healthy 26 year-old woman. I had a part-time job at my husband’s office and I enjoyed going shopping by myself or going places with friends. I had a brand-new convertible Beetle that I loved to drive. That all changed when I began having …

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