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Roby’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Hepatitis C)

Robys Story Hepatitis CIn January, after a DV, I was diagnosed with Hep C. In the last few months, I have been to the ER three times. The first time, I was kept for 58 hours. I am still learning a lot about this. The first time, it caused my blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels, to the extent where it cut off my blood flow and caused me to collapse.

Recently, I went out of state to spend time with my partner and had another flare up. She caught me before I fell and hit my head. Two nights ago, I was back in the ER over it.

I came to find out that, in my county alone, there are over 1,000 Hep C patients waiting to be approved for medications. I’m now on that list. The ER doc agrees herbal tinctures are my best recourse for now and to still come to the ER if needed. That still doesn’t help the flare ups, pain, tiredness, and weakness.

For the time I was alone with this, I was very scared of what would happen. Now with my partner, the fear is still there, but we won’t give up. And now, not only do I fight for myself, but I fight for us as well. She is such an amazing person and is behind me 100%. That doesn’t mean it still doesnt scare me, but I know now I’m not alone, and we will fight no matter what.

Submitted 06/04/2015

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  1. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Hi Roby!
    I am sorry that you are not feeling well, I am proud though of you fighting like a girl and happy that you are standing so strongly and positive !
    And for your partner ( you hadn’t mentioned her name ) who you described as your strength, well BRAVO , to her !
    May you both be blessed with courage , patience, peace, and love ! Most of all ” PATIENCE” ! Take the time to learn more about your diagnostic, learn to live ” WITH ” your new journey and learn “FROM ” it !

    You may have hep c , but it does not have you !!

    Look under Lymphoma section and you will see my story of my sister Diane Gaudreault , Non Hodgkins Lymphoma disease . Pleasese, I invite you to say hello to her!

    Roby , please continue to write, do not let go in helping others in your section , you may be surprised they could help you !

    From Canada,
    Brigitte Estelle


    • roby mize

      Thank you.

      Her name is Melissa.At first when I told her I feared she would run lile others because of other health issues but she’s right there on tje front lines with me

  2. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Well hello out there !!
    Haha ! You obviously have a great funny side !
    Hi Melissa , stay strong !!
    Roby have you read that great inspiring story Tara in cervical cancer ? Tagged under cervical cancer power stories!
    Caution : EXTREME UPLIFTING !!

    Roby Melissa ! Bonjour à vous deux


    • roby mize

      Haven’t yet but I will.
      I just had a long talk with my dad.
      He’s informed me if it gets to the point of a transplant he will do all he can to help.

      I can only imagine what he’s going throught.Lost his birth daughter to cf back in 84,his wife is in nursing home due to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.Now three weeks ago he got my nees for the first time.
      Despite our disagrements over the yrars I’ve got to give him much respect for being able to handle all of it.

  3. roby mize

    I got an odd question.I can’t find an answer anywhere.
    Can hot weather temperatures have an effect on hep c?
    I’ve been noticing how much higher my exhaustion is now with warmer weather and this cough that isn’t a cold or allergies isn’t helping either.Only feel better indoors atm.

    • Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

      Hi Roby ,
      Have you tried asking the girls in this club that has your diagnostic? Keep writing to lots and you coud find someone with an answer !
      I would go around and get informed . Wishing you a better day , you and Melissa!

      With love and encouragement,
      Brigitte Estelle xx

  4. roby mize

    Tommorow I finally get to have more tests done si we can pin down the genotype

  5. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    Hi Roby !

    What do you mean genotype? What tests are you going thru ?

    Wishing you better days ahead you , Mellissa and your dad !
    Good Luck ♡♥
    Brigitte Estelle

    • roby mize

      My doc wants to find out how bad the hep c is and what we need to do for treatments.Lipid,hcv,thyroid,metabolics,hiv ectera.was 6 draws all together.will know more in a few more days

      • roby mize

        Liver enzyme levels also.Papers with lab now.There were 10 things they were doing labs for.Those are the ones I remember directly

  6. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault

    I am master of my own life , regardless my prison walls. It is me that has a key !,

    Dear Roby , that is a saying in french , I hope it is nice for you ?!
    Brigitte Estelle xxx

  7. roby mize

    It’s gunna be a long day.Im not dealing with it today

  8. roby mize

    Just a bad day all together.Got some results but others are inconclusive so I have to go back and redo and retest for parts.
    It just hit harder than usual and I completely broke.
    I don’t feel like dealing with it still but I know I need to

  9. roby mize

    Genotype 2b.
    Getting ready to start treatment.
    Little worried though..noticing something thats got me unnerved

  10. Brigitte Estelle

    Hi Roby this is Brigitte you wrote on my sister’s story in Non Hodgkins Lymphoma under Brigitte Estelle writes…
    Just wanted to touch base with you and see how is everything? Hope all is smooth sailing with love and family

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