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Rachel’s Story (Breast Cancer)

Rachel's Fight Like a Girl Story (Breast Cancer) LRSo, one night back in April last year, I was so tired that I fell asleep with my clothes on. I woke up around 4am having some pain in my left breast because the underwire from my bra was poking into it. I started feeling the red spot on my breast and began to panic cause I felt a lump. Two days later, my journey to combat cancer started.

I went from feeling a lump, to having a mammogram, to having a biopsy – in a matter of about a week. I fell on my kitchen floor crying when I was told over the phone that I had breast cancer. Next up was a lumpectomy and 33 tiring treatments of radiation. My world got turned upside down. But here I am… cancer free!! I fought like a girl! I fought for me and fought for the memory of my mom who passed away twenty years ago from cancer.

Cancer survivor and proud of it!!

Submitted 9-14-11

This story is intended to convey a personal experience and, because every person’s experience is unique, should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

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  1. Amy Davidson

    You always did fight like a girl!!! I may not talk to you everyday but I think & pray for you often. Congrats on being Cancer free!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Love ya!

    • Rachel

      Thanks Amy!!! Love you too!

  2. Shelley Schleich

    Your story sounds almost like mine. Congrats on being cancer free. I am too. It’s funny, when I became cancer free I went out and got a tatoo also. Must be the thing to do. Congratulations again!!!!

    • Rachel

      Thanks Shelley! Congrats to you too!

  3. Dana Troiano

    My sorry is much like yours, but I found my lump and didn’t do much about it for several months, but then it all went downhill and in a worldwind. February 21 was my one year for my first chemo treatment, 33 radiation treatments, and still doing herceptan treatments. I love the tat… I want one too, but have to wait until all my treatments are over. (doctor orders). I wish you the best of luck…. and be PROUD! I am being tested with some personal issues, and always thought I was being tested or was put in this situation for a reason while going through cancer, because it taught me to be stronger and to fight like a girl. Another Proud Survivor. Good Luck!!!

    • Rachel

      Stay strong Dana! Fight like a girl every day!!

  4. joyceswann

    My story just like yours. Unfortunately my husband decided to leave me. I am okay. I fight like a girl everyday
    He has given me the strength I never thought I had.. better off alone and happy! God bless you! Er ate an army of one. ! Save the tattas girls!

    • laffnbuffalo2

      Joyce he is not worth the tears if he left at this time wonder what he would do if it was him and not you?Keep fighting girl, you are the winner…..we are a special group…..VERY STRONG WOMEN…..some men can not handle that….hang in there sister

    • Rachel

      Joyce, I guess your husband just couldn’t handle a strong amazing woman. His loss! Keep on fighting sister!

  5. Sandy

    Sounds like my story too. I can’t believe they told you over the phone. At least my Doc brought me in to tell me. It was January 9th 2012. I had to wait over the holiday time for the results of the biopsy. I had the same surgery and will be starting the radiation treatments next week. I had the Oco DX test so hopefully I will be able to confirm the results tomorrow. I was told over the phone that it was low but it wasn’t the doctor I talked with. I was thinking about getting a tattoo like yours but figured I would have to wait until all the treatments were done. Thanks for sharing and congrats

    • joyceswann

      Had same thing happen. Can’t believe they tell us over the phone! Never the less…. your in my prayer box! Just remember to be strong. For yourself! One year survivor. Lumpectomy and 37 radiation treatments. Mammogram good so far. Tamoxifen daily for 5 years.. a girl has got to do what she has to do!

    • Rachel

      Keep on fighting Sandy! Radiation is tough but you’ll get through it. Fight like a girl!

  6. NaDyne Meyer

    Your story is similar to mine. My tumor was found by mammogram, had 2 surgeries, 35 radiation treatments. Now I’m on my last 6 months of Tamoxifen. September will be my 5 year celebration! I want to get a small pink ribbon tattoo above my left breast. Fight together to rid the world of breast cancer!

    • Rachel

      Celebrate every day NaDyne! You’re a survivor! I have a few more years of taxing Tamoxifen…

  7. Cindy Galbraith

    Rachel, I am proud of you for fighting like a girl! I am also a proud survivor, having been diagnosed just last April. I am finishing up my reconstruction and coming up on my one year Cancerversary on April 7. And to celebrate, I also plan to mark my cancerversary with a tatoo! I really like your’s! Is it on your arm or your wrist? It’s hard for me to tell. And what does that say along the side? Congrats girl…..you did it!!!!

    • Rachel

      Way to fight like a girl Cindy! My tattoo is on my wrist. The chinese symbols on the side stand for strength, hope, and courage.

  8. Tracey Smith

    I two have a story similiar to yours but mine wasnt so happy ended. I have been battling for almost three years and it has now traveled to both my lungs. My husband has been by my side is helping through things but test results today were horrible. I fight like a girl every day. I to went out and got a tattoo similiar to yours but with wings. Mine will not have a happy ending But I will fight to the end. congrats to you and all that has commented in recovery.

    • Sally


      I’m still in the middle of fighting and I can’t imagine doing this for 3 years! Be proud of yourself, I am. You and your husband are in my prayers!

    • Rachel

      Stay strong Tracey

      • Rachel

        You’re an amazing woman to have been fighting for such a long time. My thoughts are with you.

  9. Carol Kuchma

    My breast cancer was discovered by a mammogram. I had a lumpectomy on January 20, 2011. I was part of a study and received intraoperative radiation. I also received the Oncotype DX Testing and the results showed that I had a low breast cancer recurrence score.

    My medical oncologist put me on Tamoxifen. I have been on the drug for one year now but I am having difficulty with it. I have GERD and the drug has made it much worse. I have also found that the drug makes me very tired with a general all over feeling of not being well.

    Does anybody else have side effects from Tamoxifen?

  10. Karen Webb

    Rachel, At 29 was diagnosed with breast cancer and it had already gone to my lymph nodes, I had a mastectomy and 3 years later had the other one removed as well. I had 8 months of chemo and here I am 32 years, 7 months and 10 days later, STILL SURVIVING! So keep that attitude and SURVIVE ON!

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