Wednesday, February 8, 2023

My Distraction

Baby Boy was born on 1st April 2012 at 10.10am weighing 3.3kg (7lb 4oz) after a very quick birth!

I am a very proud mummy. My oldest has taken quite well to being a big brother, although there is sometimes some jealousy when I feed him. Generally though, he has been a star, and I couldn’t ask for more 🙂


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  1. mo

    Beautiful Boys!

    • debbie brant

      YOUR ALL IN MY prayers

  2. Terry

    Beautiful boys, my distraction is my garden i planted one last year too but planted it late in the season and did it wrong and had veggies growing everywhere, was well worth it but was a massive mess, this year i had everything ready to go early so i could plant as needed and the correct way, i got myself a starter kit and did some herbs as well. i have already planted my veggies and i even put some stuff in planter pots too and put them all around the patio..(the soil was actually really nice on my hands and i loved the way it made them feel better and take my mind off the nerve damage) i strive to take my mind off of my disease and do other things to help me to do this, i have even changed my way of eating and i’ve been drinking smoothies and juicing and eating smaller healthier meals…for me life still goes on i just don’t let what i’m going through get me down…there are times when it does but i turn the tables and turn my negatives into positives otherwise it can consume you and make you miserable..

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