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Mary Ann’s Fight Like a Girl Story (Fibromyalgia)

Mary Ann-Byrne's Story (Fibromyalgia) I will be 50 this year. I am a single mom and work full-time as a school counselor. I have had arthritis in my knees since I was a very little girl, although it was never diagnosed as such. I have had surgery on both knees and on my right wrist. Over the years I have been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, bursitis, hypothyroidism, and carpel tunnel syndrome.

My all-over pain has been going on since my teen years, but no one ever believed me. I began having severe hip and lower back pain while I was pregnant, but my husband at the time was very abusive and refused to listen to me. He always just told me I was crazy and a hypochondriac.

In 2009, after suffering for most of my life, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have symptoms of RA and Lupus as well, but have not been diagnosed with either. My fingers are perpetually swollen and black and blue. I am never without pain in my hips and lower back. I started using a cane on my bad days this summer. I take medication for both the thyroid and fibromyalgia. I do as much walking as I can.

No one really understands, except for one friend whose mother also has fibromyalgia and osteoporosis  I have no feeling in the toes on my right foot and am constantly bruised. I would love to be able to retire but I cannot afford to. I’ll just do what so many other women do, go on working and Fight Like A Girl! I’ve always considered being told I fight like a girl a compliment. Women are so much stronger than anyone ever gives them credit for.

Mary Ann
Submitted 8-19-2012

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  1. I have heard that some essential oils (pure oils, not treated or diffused with chemicals) can relieve pain from fibromyalgia and Arthritis. I wonder if she has looked into that?

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